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On the eve of BBB22’s debut, Gilberto Nogueira, Gil do Vigor, recalled the anxiety he went through before being confined to BBB21, his financial situation at the time and took stock of how things improved after his fame. “I live for about 50 years with what I have,” he boasted.

The economist said that his participation in the reality show was uncertain, mainly because he contracted Covid-19 a few weeks before the confinement. “I had to get money from my college advisor to pay for the Covid test that the production asked for”, he revealed, in an interview with the Extra newspaper.

Gil also borrowed the money to pay his PhD application — an amount that added to some debts that, at the time, were heavy. “It was a lot of anxiety. When the production called to say that it had gone through another stage, but that nothing guaranteed me in the program, it got worse”, he said.

After his success on the show, however, debt was no longer an issue. “I managed, as I said that one day I would if I joined, to change the lives of my whole family. To give my mother a house and one for each sister, I enrolled my nephews in good schools”, he celebrated.

“If I want to stop working today, I’ll still live for about 50 years with what I have. But I’m not a fool to be flaunting around, no”, joked the former BBB. “I even gave myself some luxuries, like a R$15,000 sneaker, because I deserve it, right?”, he added.

Gilberto also confessed that he would fall into temptation if he had won the program and would not be able to manage the money, as he has done. “God makes things right. I wouldn’t have the same availability as Ju [Juliette Freire], I would put dreams, like my PHD, at risk, and I couldn’t do that,” said he, who began his studies in California in September of last year.

“Going to the USA made me realize too. There I wasn’t the famous Gil do Vigor. I was just another student, sleeping on a mattress on the floor and sharing a house with strangers. It was suffered. I felt too lonely, I cried a lot But it was good to mature and reconnect with the things I want for myself, thinking only of myself”, he concluded.

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