Igor Jesus scores in the end, and Flamengo advances to the third stage of Copinha

With emotion, the Flamengo secured itself in the third phase of Copinha. On Thursday night, in the last minute of the match, Igor Jesus scored, and Flamengo beat Náutico 1-0, at Arena Barueri. With the result, Garotos do Ninho will again face the West for a spot in the round of 16 of the competition. (watch the highlights of the match below).

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The opening minutes of the match were marked by a studied game. Flamengo and Náutico exchanged passes, but found it difficult to find spaces.


After a more balanced start, Flamengo geared up in the match and made Bruno work. The first good chance came with Victor Hugo, who cleared for the left leg and, from outside the area, dropped a bomb. The goalkeeper, however, fit and did not give a rebound.

Three minutes later, it was Petterson’s turn to scare Timbu. Victor Hugo found shirt 28, who cut the mark and hit hard for another save by goalkeeper Bruno.


The first half ended goalless. Rubro-Negro Carioca had the main chances, but could not take the zero off the scoreboard. Alvirrubro, in turn, had only one chance, which did not bring danger to the goal defended by goalkeeper Bruno Guimarães.


The attitude of Náutico in the final stage was different, and, if it weren’t for Bruno Guimarães, the Pernambuco team would have achieved the goal. At 16 minutes, side Luan hit from the edge of the area, the ball deflected in Cassiano, but the Flamengo goalkeeper stretched out and managed to send it to a corner.

Practically five minutes later, another good arrival from Alvirrubro. After a steal on Kayke David, Klefferson crossed low, Rodrigo Leal got the deflection, but Bruno Guimarães removed the danger and sent the ball to a corner.


After seeing Náutico set the pace, Flamengo pressed again in the final stretch of the game. One of the main chances came in the 33rd minute. Samuel crossed for Pedrinho, who went up alone in the small area, but got the ball wrong and missed the opportunity.


The intensity established by Flamengo in the final stretch paid off. In the last minute of the game, Richard took a lateral charge in the area, but the defender cleared it. However, Igor Jesus took the leftovers, hit the edge of the area in the corner and secured Garotos do Ninho in the third phase of Copinha.


Date and time: January 13, 2022 at 7:30 pm
Place: Arena Barueri, in Barueri (SP)
Referee: Gustavo Holanda Souza
assistants: Raphael de Albuquerque Lima and Gabriel Pozzer

yellow cards: German (NAU)
red cards:-
goals: Igor Jesus (50’/2nd T)

FLAMENGO (Coach: Luiz Felipe Santos)
Bruno; Breno (Samuel 20’/2ºT), Kayque Soares, Otávio and Richard; Igor Jesus, Kayke David and Pedro Arthur (Carlos Daniel, 20’/2ºT); Petterson, Victor Hugo and Cassiano (Pedrinho, 30’/2ºT).

NAUTICAL (Coach: Adriano Souza)
Bruno; Café (Blabbering 19’/2ºT), Alemão, Diego (Bernardo, 31’/2ºT) and Luan (Jhon Kenedy, 29’/2ºT); Cauê, Luís Felipe and Fernando; Léo (Klefferson, 19’/2ºT), Rodrigo Leal (Kauan Muniz, 29’/2ºT) and Júlio.

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