Is it possible to make a Pix of R$ 1.5 million?

In an interview with a YouTube channel, digital influencer Leo Picon, 25, claimed to have received a Pix worth R$1.5 million from his sister, also influencer Jade Picon. He would have received the amount shortly after a trip to Fernando de Noronha, with the message: “Leo, I love you”.

But is using the Central Bank’s instant payment system to transfer BRL 1.5 million in one go really possible?

What does BC say?

Responsible for the system, the Central Bank clarified, in a note to the UOL, that a transfer of R$ 1.5 million by Pix between individuals, as in the case of Jade to Leo, is possible.

There is no predetermined limit for payments or transfers via Pix. According to BC, the limit is established for security reasons, according to each client.

Participating institutions, for security reasons, may set maximum amount limits, per transaction and per period, so that users can pay or transfer with Pix. But beware: these limits must be compatible with TED or debit card limits, depending on the situation
central bank

At night, by default, the limit is BRL 1,000, but this amount can be changed at the customer’s request.

Pix users can, at any time, through the application or internet banking, adjust their limits and register accounts with different limits”, informed the BC. increase or decrease the value.”

Launched in November 2019, Pix is ​​the Brazilian instant payment system. Widely accepted among Brazilians, it moved R$ 622.4 billion in December last year.

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