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Lack of representation, dubious indications, ‘buying’ votes… the list of controversies involving the Golden Globe it has been talked about for years, and the result could not be different: the award, which was once one of the biggest world events in cinema and TV, gained discredit and lost relevance.

No wonder the 2022 edition was completely atypical: the winners were announced over the internet, without an official broadcast. In addition Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPA), which organizes the award since the 1940s, honored names and works that indicate a more diverse view of race, gender and sexuality – something that has been demanded for some time.

For all that, the question remains: What will be the future of the Golden Globes? That’s what film critics Mikannn, Max Valarez and PH Santos try to answer in the new episode of Open Scene podcast! In the program, the trio makes a historical analysis of the award, recalls the main scandals that shook the event’s reputation and projects what it will be like from now on. Hit play in the box below and listen to the episode! 👇

“One of the triggers was an article that the Los Angeles Times published at the beginning of last year: they investigated and looked that among all the members of the HFPA there was not a black person. And then it became more open as there was no racial diversity within the HFPA, which makes the Golden Globes. People thought: ‘This even matches the lack of diversity that we see in the Golden Globe nominations’. Shortly after this story, an email was also leaked from a member who has been president of the HFPA several times. He was forwarding to other members an article that called the group Black Lives Matter (Black Lives Matter, in Portuguese) from a racist hate group. This leak caused a scandal too”, explains Max Valarez.

🏆 Lack of representation

“And the number of women is also very low. It’s no wonder that the Jane Campion, director ofAttack of the Dogs‘ wins this year – and she is the first woman to win the Golden Globe for Best Director. For you to see how it really is. It is so obvious that they themselves said: ‘I think we have to reward these people, yes, because we have never rewarded them’, evaluates PH Santos, which also reflects:

“It makes people’s heads a little bit crazy because it creates a paradox: the Golden Globes never awarded certain types of films, actors, actresses… and this year they did. That’s why it starts to be well-liked. But it awarded because it really is what should be rewarded or rewarded in response because it never did?”

🏆 Is it the end of the Golden Globes?

“Awarding is important. I think the problem is using this influence to sell something that shouldn’t be contemplated. I think that’s the big problem, the problem of ethics. And if they manage to solve this and make these changes from within , they may be able to recover”, says Mikannn.

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