iupp offers 10 points per dollar spent on the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

iupp offers 10 points per dollar spent on the purchase of Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 5G

In another boosted points campaign with Samsung and iupp is offering its customers 10 points per dollar spent when purchasing the new Galaxy S21 FE 5G cell phone. Let’s get to the details!


The score is structured as follows:

  • 10 points – All iupp customers

Note that the extra score is valid exclusively for the purchase of the following models:

Galaxy S21 FE Black 128GB
Galaxy S21 FE White 128GB
Galaxy S21 FE Violet 128GB
Galaxy S21 FE Green 128GB

Customers who purchase one of the above devices will win a Galaxy Buds2.

Participate in the Promotion

  1. Click here to access the iupp website.
  2. Log in to your account.
  3. Choose one of the eligible devices.
  4. Complete the purchase.

Promotion Details

  • The promotion is valid until the January 28, 2022, or while stocks allocated to the campaign last.
  • According to the regulation, 500 devices of each model were allocated for the promotion.
  • As long as the campaign banner is on the iupp website, there are still devices available.
  • Customers can buy a maximum of 3 devices per CPF.
  • At the time of purchase, customers will see the accumulation of 1 point per real and the others will be credited directly by iupp.
  • The purchase must be made in full with a credit card.
  • Points will be credited within 40 days of confirmation of purchase.

Purchase Simulation

The device costs, in cash, R$ 4,499, which yields a total of 44,990 points.

If we consider a transfer promotion with a 100% bonus for Smiles, for example, the total points increase to 89,980 miles. And if we assume the value of the thousand Smiles equal to R$ 21, we have BRL 1,889 in miles.

The value above represents a savings of approximately 42% in the value of the device and we still have the Galaxy Buds2 that comes free with the cell phone.

Take note

This is without a doubt a good iupp extra points promotion for anyone who was planning to buy the new Samsung Galaxy S21 FE 128GB.

What did you think of the campaign?

Heads up

  • Compare prices both with the regular website of the provider of the service or product you are purchasing, and with competitors.
  • Make a print screen of all the steps of the purchase, because if you have any problem with crediting the points, you will be able to demonstrate that you used the promotion hotsite.
  • The promotion is good, but it may not be good for you. Think about it!
  • Accumulating points for accumulating is not a good strategy. You should have a clearly defined goal and earn points to reach that goal.
  • Saving points is bad business. They may be devalued at any time or the program may change the accrual and spend rules without notice.
  • The best strategy is “earn and burn” or accumulate and burn.

To know more

In this link you will find other promotions to accumulate points.

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