James Gunn Explains Choosing An Extravagant Opening For The Series

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Peacemaker, the Suicide Squad spin-off series, premiered on HBO Max this Thursday (13). The new production by James Gunn had three episodes released to the public, which was already surprised at the opening of the series. Each episode starts with a cheesy sequence with John Cena, completely absurd, and the showrunner revealed that the choice of this tone has a good reason.

a noble motive

The character’s dance already aroused curiosity in the previews

In an interview with Polygon, Gunn discussed all the secrets behind his decision to pay homage to the ’80s with a quirky tribute to nightclubs.

“I really wanted to do a dance number where everyone was doing something incredibly ridiculous, and looking incredibly straight forward while they were doing it,” reinforced.

The main idea is to value the work of the professionals involved in your project, encouraging the audience to pay attention while the credits of each episode subtly appear. And the strategy of “annihilate the skip button” seems to have worked.

Secrets of the Peacemaker opening

Extravagance matches the producer’s signature

The opening was the topic of the day on social media and, according to the producer, it also fulfills other secondary functions. The first of these is to highlight this program in a sea of ​​superheroic productions, showing a new approach in this genre.

“I thought it was something that was going to, you know, be an announcement to people that it wasn’t your normal DC or Marvel series,” added.

In addition, the scene also functions as a narrative complement to the main character’s arc, the Peacemaker himself. After being hated for his attitudes in The Suicide Squad, the dance comes to cleanse his image by accentuating the anti-hero’s nuances.

“I think some of the rock ‘n’ roll stuff he’s into ended up being a more positive influence on him than, say, his dad,” comments Gunn, “I think it’s a part of his secret joy that he has in him — you know. ? — which he only practices on himself. For the most part, his relationship with music is a very private thing.”

A clear example of this sincere relationship with music is in a scene of The Suicide Squad. The director recalls that his dancing scene with Ratcatcher 2 is “the only moment he’s happy in the entire movie.”

What did you think of the opening? Did you skip or watch everything? Don’t forget to comment!

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