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Jorge Ben Jor (photo: Publicity)

Singer Jorge Ben Jor took some time out of his schedule to give an interview to Washington Olivetto’s W/Cast podcast, and gave some details about his personal life. The artist is living at Copacabana Pallace and told about his experience.

The musician had to move to the Hotel, in Rio de Janeiro, just over two years ago, after having his house where he lived destroyed by a storm. During that time, he composed songs (one of them about the history of the neighborhood where his new home is located) and made surprise appearances, making a lot of effort at events that took place there.

“I had my house renovated and I went to live at Copacabana Palace. When a tsunami of rain hit, there was no one at home, they forgot to close it and the water invaded everything. I had nowhere to live. Or I would stay with my son Gabriel in Los Angeles, in the United States, or I went to the hotel. I moved and the pandemic broke out. The hotel closed for everyone. Sandra, who ran the place, and I stayed there. Everyone left or was sent away. closed because of us,” said Jorge Ben Jor, 82, in an interview with Washington.

“A few months ago, the singer gained Gilberto Gil as a neighbor, who moved into the building next door with his wife, Flora Gil. The friend’s arrival coincided with the moment when Ben Jor began to gradually leave the confinement: “I spent a year and a half without leaving the hotel or going out on the street. We have a doctor at the hotel who follows us up, checks on us. I didn’t talk to anyone for a long time”, says the singer, still not planning to return to the old house.

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