Juliana Caetano, from Bonde do Forró, makes revelations about her virginity

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Juliana Caetano decided to open his Instagram question box to interact with all his followers and fans this Thursday, January 13th. Thus, through the questions, the singer and lead singer of Bonde do Forró ended up making many revelations.

At a certain point, Juliana Caetano was forced to answer whether or not she is a virgin. So, without hesitation, the singer disguised the question, turned off the sound of her cell phone and did not open her mouth.

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This little interaction made Juliana Caetano’s fans go wild. So they made a point of emphasizing that the singer knows very well how to play with their imaginations.

Finally, check out the answer given by Juliana Caetano to this very curious question right now. In addition, be sure to also check out other photos of this singer who is making waves throughout Brazil.

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Juliana Caetano moves the web with a robbery report

Recently, Juliana Caetano used her social networks to make a more than moving account. Thus, she ended up informing that she and her family were victims of a robbery at their home.

“They took a lot of money from my account and all the money I had at home. Most of my money stayed at home, I don’t know what the hell on my head to leave it here, in a safe. They took my work equipment, my cameras, but that’s the least of it. What was worse is my father’s trauma and sadness. I don’t know if he’s going to stay, if he’s going to come back.”, pointed out the singer in her Instagram post.

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