Killed by sledgehammer by her ex-husband, she was separated for four months and was threatened, say family members

Even though they had been separated for four months, traffic advisor Bruna Araújo de Souza, 31, feared for her life and that of her eldest daughter, 17 years old. The reason, according to family members, was the constant threats she suffered from her ex-husband, Haroldo da Silva Amorim, 41 years old. This Thursday, his biggest fear came true. She was shot and beaten with a sledgehammer by her ex-husband, in the residence where she lived with him, in the Rio do Ouro neighborhood, in São Gonçalo, Metropolitan Region of Rio. Afterwards, Haroldo stole a car, fled and threw himself off the bridge. Rio-Niterói. He didn’t resist either. According to the police, he would have committed the crime for not accepting the end of the relationship.

— He threatened her and her 17-year-old daughter. Never did. He cursed her with everything that was a name, in front of everyone, he just treated her badly. He was already behind her with guns saying that if she didn’t stay with him he would kill her. These threats were frequent. He was always chasing her,” said a cousin who preferred not to be identified.

Bruna Araújo Carvalho with her ex-husband, Aroldo
Bruna Araújo Carvalho with her ex-husband, Aroldo

The couple stayed together for 14 years and had a daughter, now 12. The family member said that Bruna did not have a social network due to her ex-husband’s imposition. After separating from Haroldo, Bruna went to live with family members in Inoã, in Maricá. Six months ago, she worked as a traffic advisor at the Maricá Traffic Department (Sectran). Even far away, he lived in fear.

“She was beautiful, just keep smiling. For four months, she lived the happiest days of her life. Today (this Thursday) he texted her to go to their house to get her stuff. Said he was going to work and wouldn’t be home. When she got there, it was a trap. He had two guns that he sold the car to buy and kill her. He did everything in mind – revealed the familiar.

According to military police officers from the 7th BPM (São Gonçalo), a team was called by people and isolated the area. Itaipu firefighters also went to the scene, around 10:15 am, but Bruna was already dead. The Homicide Police Station in Niterói, São Gonçalo and Itaboraí is investigating the case.

According to the press office of the Federal Highway Police (PRF), Haroldo threw himself from the so-called Central Gap of the Rio-Niterói Bridge. He was taken in serious condition to the Souza Aguiar Municipal Hospital, in downtown Rio, but he could not resist.

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