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“BBB has a party, and I love to party. There are new people, and I love making friends. There’s a game, and I’m competitive. So what am I doing out here? I have to be in there,” he argues. lais, in an irrefutable logic. The doctor, who completed a postgraduate course in Dermatology and is from Crixás, in Goiás, is a member of the popcorn group from BBB22.

“I will make history there, everyone will remember me. When I talk about BBB22, they will know that Laís participated”, promises the woman from Goiás.

👀 But before the dream comes true, you have to go back in time. For the morning when her life would start to change, even if she didn’t know it.

“It’s a dream of hers and we’re giving it strength. She even had a lot of support from her father, who died exactly one month ago”, says Cleusania, her mother, referring to the coincidence of dates.

👀 There, Laís tries hard not to cry, but the emotion comes out as soon as she receives the long-awaited news “You are at BBB”. “Really? What do you mean?”, she reacts, in the midst of hugging her mother and sister, and then looking up: “Oh, Dad…”.

Laís is a participant of BBB22 — Photo: Globo

Family vocation 💚💚💚

👩‍⚕️ From her relationship with Dr. Augusto, she inherited her love for Medicine: “I was always inspired by my father. I grew up seeing his routine and never wanted to study anything else”.

👩‍⚕️ With the desire to follow the profession from an early age, she moved alone at age 14 to study in Goiânia.

“I was an excellent student, I never recovered. I was in agony studying, because I always wanted to do my best”, recalls Laís about her school days.

👩‍⚕️ Already in college, one more change: “I went to João Pessoa (PB). I lived there for six years, alone. As soon as I arrived, I didn’t even have a house yet, I took my dog, Nalu. It was just the two of us.”

🏥 Now, Nalu walks between the owner’s legs, barking accompanied by another dog, Nina, while Laís follows to show a very special detail.

🏥 On the side wall, which divides the land between her house and the family hospital, where she works, there is a staircase and a door:

“As they call me at dawn, at night or at any time for the shift, my father and mother were afraid that I would have to go out on the street at these times and decided to make, here inside the house, a direct access to the hospital’s funds ”.

👛 This family care is present at all times of the busy morning, with the sister helping to pack the bags – “This outfit looks so beautiful, don’t you want to take it?” -, the mother worried and with an attentive eye for details – “Can I ask the questions that your father would ask now, to calm down?” – and Laís leaving some instructions – “You’ll have to comb and clean Nalu’s eyes every day, okay?”.

👛 Ready to venture into a reality show and be seen by millions, there’s still time to face one last tension of those who are already used to living being watched.

👛 In the small town, with approximately 17 thousand inhabitants, the neighbor sends an audio to Cleusania, warning that a car she has never seen stopped at the door of the house.

“No, Laís is going to travel with some colleagues to a course in São Paulo”, replies the mother by message.

“Imagine the uproar that will be in Crixás…”, leaves the now-sister of BBB22 on the air about her future, which starts to change definitively from January 17th.

📱💻 Want to stalk? #RedeBBB gives you the @:

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Facebook: /lais.caldas.92

🎯 And don’t forget: BBB22 debuts next Monday, 1/17.

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