Larissa Manoela appears only in a bikini and shoots: ‘Complete and accomplished’

Larissa Manoela (photo: Reproduction/Instagram)

Actress Larissa Manoela enchanted her followers this past Wednesday (12/01), by opening a question box and dialoguing with fans. At the time, she was even asked if she was in love, then replied that she was at the height of self-love.

“Are you enjoying anyone at the moment?”

asked a netizen.

“Yes, from the great woman I’ve been becoming day after day. I love and accept myself at every moment”,

said the actress, who is about to debut the telenovela Alm da iluso, in the 6pm slot on TV Globo.

When answering the question, Manoela published a photo of herself on the beach with her arms up just in a bikini, surprising her followers. It is worth remembering that, recently, the actress gave an interview where she commented that she was not looking for a boyfriend at the moment.

Larissa answering internet users’ questions in stories (photo: Reproduo/Instagram)

“I feel complete and fulfilled. I’m very centered, if calm, my life goal now is my releases, the soap opera, a movie that’s coming around. I don’t feel the need to run over or engage in a relationship. wait, but I’m not looking, I’m focused on my physical and mental health, my family and my work”,

guaranteed Larissa.

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