Larissa Manoela can’t contain herself and goes to tears in Globo’s recording

Larissa Manoela burst into tears during a recording for Beyond the Illusion, a six o’clock soap opera that marks its debut in Globe. The actress cried backstage while shooting images for the first teaser for the plot.

In a video of the making of the recording made available by Globo, Larissa got emotional when talking about your character. love is too magical. I think that talking about love is one of the most special ways to communicate.”, she declared, with tears in her eyes.

Romantic couple of the young woman in Globo’s 6 pm serial, Rafael Vitti was delighted. “I think it’s going to be beautiful! Our director is very sensitive”, said the actor.

Larissa Manoela talks about Beyond the Illusion

Recently, Larissa commented on her role in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera, where she plays the sisters Elisa and Isadora.

“I play two characters, sisters Elisa and Isadora, who are not twins. There is a passage of time in the soap opera, and, in the first phase, there is a child actress who is playing opposite me, Sofia Budke, playing Isadora. And I start this novel by Elisa. Then ten years go by, Isadora grows up and will be played by me.”, explained the former SBT star.

The story is beautiful, the characters are very special. They are girls ahead of their time, even though they are in the 30s and 40s. They have a lot of personality, they are strong girls, who know what they want, who don’t give up on what they want. Isadora is more grounded, with her feet on the ground, and Elisa dreams more, is freer, much more romantic and I’m sure the audience will really like these two girls. I’m already in love with them, she added, who commented on the expectations for the job.

I had a very anxious period, but understanding that I had a purpose bigger and that, at some point, the day would come. I’m seeing all this coming to fruition, that expectation I had now being real. I’m bringing the characters to life on a set with a wonderful crew, impeccable production and direction, and an extraordinary cast making up this entire spectacle. I am very happy and I feel fulfilled to be living all this today, said Larissa.

Work at Globo

The actress talked about how it’s been recording a period soap opera. “I’ve always had a huge desire to make a period soap opera and I feel very fulfilled for being living in two different times, because we have the 30’s and then we move on to the 40’s. It’s been very interesting. I am delighted to see the involvement of so many people, so many dedicated professionals to help us, and a cast totally immersed in this process, to be able to give the best of themselves”, said.

Larissa Manoela praised the partnership with Rafael Vitti. Rafael is a super partner. I was already a fan of his work and my admiration increased even more when I found out that we were going to be together in this work. He is a super generous actor, delivered, available to create, to exchange ideas, and we have been doing a beautiful job together, since the preparation and now in the recordings”, he said.

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