Letícia Sabatella supports the outburst of André Gonçalves’ daughter: ‘It was always the light of her family’

the outburst of Manu Seiblitzdaughter of André Gonçalves and Teresa Seiblitzgenerated a wave of support on social media. The young woman is suing the actor for non-payment of child support.

“I love you, Manu! You were always the light of your family.” Letícia Sabatella in the publication. “How beautiful my daughter”, Teresa commented.

In her text, Manu lists all the absences she had to live with in relation to her father: “I am 22 years old. I was born on February 13, 1999 – Carnival Saturday. My mother put me in the world, the other was late for delivery and didn’t see me arrive. I learned to walk without it. I learned to read, write and do math without it. I had my first grated knee without it. All the school and theater performances without him. My first medal in swimming. Christmas, New Year’s Eve. Birthday parties without him. My first low grade. I learned to draw, sing and play ball without him. I learned to cook without it. I learned to wash clothes, clean and market without him. I learned to ride a bike without it. I learned to eat, shower and brush my teeth without it. I went to all the doctors without him. I went to sleep without him,” she wrote.

“And there’s nothing he can teach me about loving my future children. To the parents of the world, there is always time. As long as you’re alive, there’s time. Don’t miss the giant opportunity to meet your children.”

André had house arrest ordered by the Justice of Santa Catarina for also not paying child support for his daughter Valentina Benini, the result of his relationship with journalist and actress Cynthia Benini. Manuela took over the lawsuit that her mother was bringing against her ex in Rio de Janeiro for R$ 109,000 related to late food.

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