Lexa and Guimê’s employee claims to have been assaulted at the couple’s house

An employee who worked at Lexa and MC Guimê’s house claimed to have been assaulted in the work environment. According to information in the table The Poison Hour, of General Balance Sheet SP, the confusion would have happened between the diarist and the cook who provide service to the funkeiros.

Also according to the attraction, the diarist said she was assaulted by her co-worker and claimed that, after what happened, she was all bruised and did not receive any assistance from Lexa and Guimê. In addition, she stated that she would have been fired for just cause and that she would not have been the first to work at the couple’s residence and be sent away without receiving the rights.

In a note, the funkeira press office denied that the dismissal was for just cause and reported that the request came from the employee herself. Lexa’s team further confirmed that all payments due were made.

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Through her press office, singer Lexa comes to comment on the fight between her employees inside her residence.

She clarifies that she was woken up with punches on the door of her room and ran to open the door and came across her employees beating each other, asked them to stop beating each other and when helping both of them, one of them asked to be fired, thus leaving her own , after Lexa imposes respect in her domicile.

In addition, it takes the opportunity to inform you that all documentation has been duly signed and digitally registered. All payments provided for by law have been made and there are no outstanding labor debts.

And it continues to defend the rights of every good citizen who works to have their wallet registered and their rights respected, but above all that women should always sit down and talk and whatever the situation and not attack each other.

Both fought inside their house and this is unacceptable, respect is essential.

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