Listen to “UN RATITO”, new single by Alok and Juliette with a reggaeton feel

With a reggaeton vibe that promises to liven up the Latin American summer, this Friday (14th) the new single from Hello in partnership with the singer Juliette. Entitled “ONE MOUSE“, the track still counts with the participation of the Puerto Ricans Luis Fonsi, Lunay and Lenny Tavarez. The song is the first release of 2022 by the Brazilian DJ and marks the first time that the former BBB signs a musical composition. listen to it:

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‘UN RATITO’ already comes with many stories because it was started several years ago waiting for the best opportunity to be released and with time it took an increasingly interesting shape. It has now arrived in its extremely involving final version with the flavor of great artists that I admire a lot!“, revealed Hello.

In an interview with the podcast PODPAH, the DJ said he was already working on the track when he thought of adding vocals for Juliette. “Then I saw Juliette releasing her album, a thing that’s very true to her, she’s back to her roots. I said: ‘Man, it would be really cool if Juliette did a gringo work, pop, a thing that broke the barriers“, said.

"a mouse": Listen to an exclusive snippet of Alok and Juliette's partnership
Photo: Alisson Demetrio

When Alok invited me to participate in the song I almost couldn’t believe it! It was an honor to record with one of the greatest DJs in the world, and besides being an excellent professional, he is a wonderful person. I think it’s super important to challenge myself, to do something different from what I’ve been doing, you know? And that’s exactly what happened in this song! I hope people enjoy this work that we did with great affection“, highlighted the Brazilian.

This is my second partnership with Brazilian artists. This time next to Alok and Juliette which makes me happy and grateful to participate in this work“, said the singer Lunay. In addition to Hello and Juliette, in the team of composers are: Luis Fonsi, Edgar Barrera, Oscar Hernandez, OHYES, Rodrigo Rolando Mata Marron, Julio Manuel Gonzalez, Cristian Andrez Salazar, Jennifer Osorio Moreno, José Neto Abrantes, Jefferson Jr and Umberto Tavares, Kevin Daniel BrauerdeOliveira.

Still this month, the song gets a video clip recorded in São Paulo and Miami and directed by
Anthony Millan and Cauã Csik, with whom Hello worked on “play hard“. Check out the lyrics of the song below:

“Then say usted
if I want to be able to respect distance and precaution
then say usted
if at once we kissed, y salimos de esto
Pay to see what the consequence is
If it takes time I lose patience
Now there’s no way out
‘Cause one night with me is just a chance at life
Aunque sea un ratito y ya (na na na na na)
You gotta taste me (na na na na na)
It doesn’t take long to kiss (na na na na na)
Aunque sea un ratico y ya (na na na na na)
y ya ya y te vas..
You leave before the sun comes out
but in the dark
give me the average moon.
You felt lost’
if not soy yo.
Y yo sin ti am Camilo
Sin Eva Luna.
Don’t ask me to let him down.
I don’t reuse you
look where I am metio’
Yo te doy permiso úsame.
if you fall
another mouse with me.
you seduce me
I miss you,
you know there is time
you like me so much.
that you browse
in your body.
Aunque para mi sea un temple
yo no i’m a saint
(Baby but what date)
You are mine without papers
You go screaming my name no matter what your forehead
Cómo rebotan en la disco las booties, booties, but el tuyo es de verdad da
That’s why I’m looking for a relationship with this one behind.”

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