Mari Gonzalez answers call for live production on podcast

Mari Gonzalez, 27, went through an unusual situation after “saying what she shouldn’t” during the podcast “Pod Delas”, presented by influencers Tata Estaniecki and Bruna Unzueta. In the chat, the former BBB revealed a project in which she will participate on the Multishow channel and also the possibility of Jade Picon being in the new edition. Minutes later, she received a mysterious call from the program and was unresponsive.

The participant of the “BBB 20” spoke about work projects planned for the first half of this year.

“I’ve been thinking this along the way. It was the only question I worried about. I have some things on the trigger, but I can’t talk. Until this whole semester I have news. But I’m going to give a spoiler. I’ll be together with Multishow again. In other words, you will see me. There will be a meme, yes”, she began.

Soon, the presenters questioned if any of them involved the “BBB”. Mari grimaced, but remained silent.

She also talked about being invited to be part of the program. She received the call in October 2019 and said she did not believe it, thinking it was a prank call.

“They said they were from the production of ‘BBB’, that they were interested in my participation”, which she heard from her fiancé, former BBB Jonas Sulzbach, 35, that she should accept. Mari said that she participated in the first, second interview and noticed that she was getting more serious. “The first was the ‘basicão’. From the second onwards, it got serious”, said the Bahian.

She explained that everything has to be confidential, because until the moment before entering the house, the person can be eliminated, if the name is leaked. At that moment, the name of Jade Picon came up in the chat.

“Is she really there, guys? Ok, right? Because Stories are missing. I didn’t leave the content ready, I didn’t program it. I didn’t do anything”, said Mari.

After 2 hours and 28 minutes of transmission, while already talking about another subject, Mari received a call and the presenters observed that the call showed the code 021 (Rio de Janeiro area code).

Then Mari asked: “Is it from the BBB?” and was encouraged to answer the phone. In the call, the ex-BBB said: “Hello! Hi! It’s a lie. Go ahead, I’m live”, said Mari to someone on the other end of the line.

When hanging up the call and confirming that it was the production of “BBB”, the presenters asked if Mari said something that she could not have said. The Bahian was unresponsive and immediately showed concern.

“Oh, guys, I’m desperate. Guys, what do I say now? I don’t know how to fake anything. It was from the production. I don’t know what it is”, she said.

“But is it a good thing or not?”, Bruna asked. Mari replied astonished: “I don’t know”, who joked by asking for more champagne to forget what happened on the live.

In the sequence, Mari returned to talk about Jade Picon and a wrong exchange of messages with the young woman.

“I have a review about Jade Picon. When I left Big Brother, I sent a message to several people who helped me. I sent one to Jade: ‘Hi Jade, thank you so much for your love, for the support. me’. But I thought it was strange, because he didn’t answer me. Then when I went to see her I sent a wrong message to Jade”, she said.

Recalling the memes featured during the “BBB 20”, Mari said that she underwent an audiometry exam to test the integrity of the auditory system.

“I was worried because everyone was talking. I thought I had a little problem. I was a believer that I was deaf. It’s an understanding thing, but my father is also the same thing. There are some and I ask, ‘How did I hear that?'” , said Mary.


In the broadcast, Mari commented on the marriage proposal made by Jonas at the turn of the year. She said she doesn’t even believe she’s going to walk down the aisle.

“Guys, I’m getting married. Every time I say that I scream and I don’t even know why. I can’t believe it. It was New Year’s Eve. It took me by surprise,” she said.

The former BBB said that one hour she imagined that the two would get married and the proposal would have to be made. However, neither of them had taken the initiative.

“I turned around and said this to a friend. If Jota doesn’t ask me this year, I’m going to putari*”, joked Mari.

“I expected, but I didn’t imagine it would be like this on the first day of the year. I was there with our family. When it was on New Year’s Eve, he was all cute. He asked me to marry him at 1 am. He said like this ‘love , see that star shining so bright?’ and I thought he was crazy, he drank them all,” she continued.

Mari said they went to a pier and then he ordered. “He wanted to make the request separately, but then go to the family racket. It was a lot of us”, said the Bahian.

About the wedding preparations, the ex-BBB said that she is already in production for the party with the groom. She stated that the wedding dress is already being chosen and also commented that the wedding will be on the beach. However, she still doesn’t know when the date will be.

“We want to get married soon. We’re not going to have a giant party, that’s not our intention. We’re going to have that intimate party, for few people, who love us,” she said.

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