Mari Gonzalez trembles live with BBB production call; know what it was TV news

Mari Gonzalez got excited during an interview with PodDelas on Thursday (13) and revealed that she has a new project in development with Multishow. At the same moment, the former BBB received a call from the reality production and went into shock. “I don’t know how to fake anything… It was from the production”, he delivered. On the morning of this Friday (14), she denied that she had been scolded and revealed that it was an invitation.

In the chat with Tata Estaniecki and Boo Unzueta, the digital influencer commented on life after BBB20, told about the selection process for the reality show, mentioned the importance of secrecy throughout the process and the fear she had of her name. leak ahead of time.

At one point, the presenters ask about the projects for 2022. “I came thinking about it on the way, I thought about it all day. It was the only question I worried about. I can talk. Real, there are three, four… This whole semester, I have news”, explained the fitness muse.

“But I’m going to give a spoiler because I didn’t come here for nothing. I’m going to be together with Multishow again. That is, you will see me. There will be a meme”, released Mari, who has already presented the backstage of Música Boa Ao I live next to Ivete Sangalo on the Grupo Globo channel. “Does it have to do with the BBB?”, asked Tatá. But the blogger preferred not to give more details and changed the subject.

After just over two hours of interview, when the artist was already talking about her plans for her marriage to Jonas Sulzbach, the influencer’s cell phone rang. “IT’S [DDD] 021”, Júlio Cocielo’s wife was surprised.

“Is it the BBB?” asked Boo. Mari answered the call full of apprehension: “Hello. Hi. It’s a lie. Hi, you can talk. I’m live. I am. Okay, kisses.” With an astonished face, the guest was silent after hanging up her cell phone.

“What happened?” asked the interviewer. “Oh people, I’m desperate”, confessed the Bahian. “Did you say something you couldn’t have?” Tata asked.

“Guys, what do I say now? I don’t know how to fake anything… It was from the production. I don’t know what it is”, said Mari, trying to hide it. “But is it a good thing?” Boo guessed. “I don’t know. Do you have more champagne?”, asked Jonas’s fiancée. “What’s the next question? I don’t really know. I don’t say anything”, completed the blogger, embarrassed.

Netizens began to speculate that it was a scolding for having talked about the plans on Multishow. This morning, the fitness influencer clarified everything through Instagram Stories. “I was talking about the BBB and they called me from the production. What is the chance of this happening? Guys, it was an invitation”, she said.

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