Massive Cyber ​​Attack Takes Down Ukraine Government Websites | World

Amid tensions on Ukraine’s border with Russia, Ukrainian government websites suffered a massive cyberattack on Thursday night.

On the morning of this Friday (14), the pages of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Cabinet of Ministers, Agrarian Policy, the Security and Defense Council and the Ministry of Education and Science were published.

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“Due to the global attack on the night of January 13-14, 2022, the official website of the Ministry of Education and Science is temporarily down,” the ministry announced in a social media post.

On some of the sites there is text in three languages ​​— Ukrainian, Polish and Russian — saying that all Ukrainian data uploaded on the network has become public.

Ukraine has been the target of several cyberattacks in recent years, with suspicion always falling on Russia (which always denies any involvement).

A Russian T-72B3 tank fires during military exercises in the Rostov region of southern Russia, near the Ukrainian border, on January 12, 2022 — Photo: AP

The attack comes amid heightened tensions on Ukraine’s border with Russia, which has moved thousands of troops and carried out military exercises in the region, heightening fears of an invasion.

The Russian government has been meeting with representatives of the United States and other Western countries in recent days, but no progress has been made in these diplomatic meetings.

Russia invaded and annexed the Crimea region in 2014, which was part of Ukraine but has great influence (and military bases) in the neighboring country.

Vladimir Putin’s government denies plans to invade Ukraine (see video below) and rejects criticism of the troop buildup near the border, saying the country says it has the right to deploy troops wherever it deems necessary within its own territory.

Russia Says It Doesn't Want to Invade Ukraine

Russia Says It Doesn’t Want to Invade Ukraine

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