Meat promotion generates turmoil and agglomeration in Fortaleza market

A video showing crowded customers disputing pieces of meat in stores of the Extra supermarket chain, in Fortaleza, is going viral on social media. The incident took place yesterday in a neighborhood store. parangaba toafter the franchise put several items on sale before the closing of physical units in Ceará.

In the images, a man, who appears to be a supermarket employee, throws products towards the group of customers.

Wecton Rivas, a digital influencer, was on site and filmed the moment the meats were thrown to the customers.

“As soon as I arrived, I saw that there were a lot of people gathered and that they were playing something. After I saw that it was meat”, he says. “All the pieces were costing 10 reais, which was normally 40 reais. So, it paid off. In the video it looks like they are giving away for free, but it was really a promotion. But everything was very cheap, especially drinks”, comments the digital influencer. ‘

UOL found that, after the “avalanche” of customers, the hypermarket is even short of shopping carts. Officials reported that some people even stole these items.

Flux control

The supermarket chain informed by note that the units are carrying out control of the flow of people inside the establishment to avoid agglomerations – also recorded on other occasions. According to the establishment, when the limit is reached, a queue is formed with social distance outside the unit, with guidance from employees.

The stores remain with all protocols and protection measures, with alcohol gel available at the entrance of the store and cashiers, social distance in the queues of the cashiers and only customers with a protective mask are allowed to enter.

Sale off

Of the 103 stores in the chain, 70 commercial points were sold to Assaí, and the remaining 33 units will be converted into other GPA formats or closed. Because of this, the stores are on sale, with promotions in all sections and discounts of up to 70%, which should continue until January 15th (Saturday) or while stocks last.

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