Monster Hunter Rise is now available via Steam, with improved graphics and no cross-play support ⋆

Released in March of last year for the Nintendo Switch, monster Hunter Rise managed to make the fans of the classic franchise of capcom, by offering a more vertical experience and with some innovative elements, but without leaving aside the intense hunts. And yes, the game was so successful that the Japanese developer decided to release a PC version. This news arrived on Steam yesterday, January 12, and it’s already attracting attention… let’s check out the details of this debut?

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As the launch trailer had already indicated (you can watch the video right below this post), the highlight of the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise is the large amount of technical improvements, especially with regard to graphics. Anyone who has had the opportunity to evaluate the game has found that the performance is much higher than the Switch version and that the visual effects are much more immersive. The game is well optimized, stable and ready to guarantee some more good adventures for the hunters on duty.

It should be noted that Capcom has not added cross-play support, meaning there will be no “cross-play” between PC and Switch players. Now, as far as numbers go, the game has done well. At the time this post was published, an average of 79% positive ratings were showing on Steam and data from SteamDB indicated that the debut was marked by a peak of over 90,000 concurrent players. In short, Monster Hunter Rise has already proven that it will maintain the good history of the Capcom franchise and guarantee good hours of fun for players. So, if you enjoy performing intense hunts, it is good not to miss this release.

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