“My best therapy has always been making music”, says Projota about the new album; listen – GQ

on the phone, project claims not to have had a good night’s sleep. “I went to sleep late and woke up early, but it’s nice”, says the musician, who now carries a more peaceful and secure look, the opposite of what he intends to address in the 11 tracks of the new album “The Exit Is Inside” – which arrives today (13) at 21 pm on all digital platforms.

Prior to the launch, Projota participates in a live broadcast on GQ Brasil’s social networks. In an interview with GQ director Daniel Bergamasco, the rapper says that the new album “is not to respond to haters”.

Inspired by his own fears, traumas and insecurities, Projota is heading towards a new moment in his career, and this could not be better translated than the name he chose to give his new album.

“I didn’t even know what the name of the album would be, I was looking for a long time. The phrase: ‘The exit is inside’ came from the idea of ​​the music video for ‘Volta’, my first single. It sums up a lot and comes from a process of intense reflection that I had with myself after my time at BBB21”, he comments.

During the interview for the live, the musician said that he felt he needed to have at least one song talking about the reality show, his position on the subject. “I felt obliged to talk about the bbb. I had to give satisfaction. It was almost a commissioned song. I knew I had to do it and I did it”, he says.

Listen to Projota’s new album

With more than 20 years of career and 10 years on the road, Projota says that despite always being inspired by his own life story, now more than ever he is different; “I’ve always talked about all this, but at this moment, because people have followed me, it’s different. Before, no one was there to see it, now everyone is watching what I do.”

Farther and farther away from hip hop,”The Exit Is Inside” is the third studio project that has a band, and no more beats. “The record is all played. When I felt I was ready to make music I called a crowd, so it’s even more special, it ends up not just mine”, shares the singer.

Projota also has special appearances such as the band Melim, Lourena, Fernandinho Beatbox and Nando Reis – who according to him is one of his idols. “I always said that I wanted to record with him. I thought the sound was his face and he liked it. A love of person, in addition to being one of the great exponents of rock and MPB”, he comments.

Creative process: “I washed my soul”

Projota (Photo: Fred Othero/Disclosure)

Projota (Photo: Fred Othero/Disclosure)

For Projota, writing new songs and producing an album from scratch was quite an experience. According to him, it was at the right time. “It’s a part of my life that can’t be erased, but time has improved a lot. Today I feel damn good. I had a period when I needed to be quiet, at home and with my daughter. When I felt good I went there make the record. I washed my soul”.

The singer also says that the affection and love of the fans also helped to deal with depression and anxiety, mental health issues he faced after the exposure on national television.

“My best therapy has always been making music, it connects me with God, it makes me feel good, it makes me live. I can’t imagine not doing it.”

BBB 22: “Gives me a trigger”

Projota (Photo: Fred Othero/Disclosure)

Projota (Photo: Fred Othero/Disclosure)

“I don’t know if I’m going to follow up, the BBB still gives me butterflies in my stomach. It’s a strange feeling. Only those who went can report how it is, and who went and left the way I left, even more”, comments Projota about following up (or not) the new edition of the program that premieres next-Monday, the 17th.

After going through many controversies inside the most watched house in Brazil, Projota needed some time to assimilate everything that had happened – after all, he was eliminated from the reality show with 91.89% of the votes.

“I couldn’t watch it for weeks, it gave me chills. Now with other people in there maybe I can watch it. Today I still feel butterflies in my stomach. Just imagining they’re at the hotel triggers me. The worst part of BBB was the before”, guarantees the musician. By the way, two songs from the new album were composed, he said to the live of GQ Brasil, during the pre-confinement stage.

Family: “We have the dream of adopting”

Projota and his wife Tammy with little Marieva (Photo: Instagram/Reproduction)

Projota and his wife Tammy with little Marieva (Photo: Instagram/Reproduction)

A doting father and a devoted husband, Projota says that the song “birds“, present in the new album, was made by him during the pre-confinement for the reality show. “They sent a guitar to the hotel and I wrote it crying thinking about my daughter and my wife. It messes with me a lot,” he reveals.

Not least the artist and his wife, the digital influencer Tamy Contro, want to increase the family. According to the singer, they are ready for that moment – ​​even if it doesn’t happen this year.

“We want to have another son or daughter to grow up with Marieva, we don’t want a big difference. We also have the dream of adopting, but whatever God prepares, we will receive in the best way.”

Projota's new album cover - "the exit is inside" (Photo: Publicity)

Cover of Projota’s new album – "The exit is inside" (Photo: Publicity)

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