Neto detonates Tite’s call and cites 4 of Brazilian football who deserved more than Coutinho and Daniel Alves

For the former player, Dudu, Renato Augusto, Giuliano and Fagner deserved to be called up to the national team

After Tite announced the 26 squad gives Brazilian Team for the games against Ecuador and Paraguay for the qualifiers, the presenter grandchild, gives TV Bandeirantes, detonated some names called by the coach.

the former player criticized the presence of Philippe Coutinho, Daniel Alves and Gabriel Jesus on the list and mentioned four athletes who, for him, deserved to wear the green and yellow jersey: Dudu, of palm trees, and Renato Augusto, Giuliano and Fagner, of Corinthians.

“You know what the biggest shame is? You summoning Philippe Coutinho and not taking Renato Augusto, Giuliano. Do you know what the biggest shame is? Taking Gabriel Jesus and not taking Dudu. Do you know the biggest shame? Taking Daniel Alves and not take Fagner, any other right back”, shot Neto in his Instagram.

“To take Daniel Alves is a shame. It’s a shame to take Philippe Coutinho, who is not playing, nor is he playing. Giuliano plays more than him today, Paulinho, who is also not playing, Bruno Henrique [do Flamengo]. Dudu, from Palmeiras, cannot be left out of the world Cup“, continued the former athlete.



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The presenter also criticized the call-up of the steering wheel Fred, of Manchester United, and mocked the absence of Douglas Luiz on the list, as last season the two exchanged barbs publicly.

“Congratulations, [Tite]! How disgusting it is! Disgusting! 2002 World Cup… Who did we have as a striker? Ronaldo Phenomenon, Ronaldinho, Rivaldo. In 2022, who is the attack? And another thing: it seems that French football is better than ours. French football! Fifth Grade Football. Sorry! need to play in English Premier League to be summoned”, fired Neto.

“Oh, but Dudu can’t be, Renato Augusto can’t be. That’s right. I’m wrong, I don’t understand anything about the ball. In fact, maybe I’m a bad commentator, I didn’t play at all. Fred, from Manchester United, who plays. And Douglas [Luiz], of Aston Villa? Not going to the Cup?”, he said.



The Brazilian national team coach called up players for the qualifiers this Thursday

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