New generation of the Ford-looking Honda HR-V is revealed

The third generation Honda HR-V is going through a time of truly abrupt change. While in Europe it is now a 100% hybrid model and in Brazil it should be promoted to the mid-size SUV segment, in the US Honda decided to create a totally different HR-V from what will be sold here.

Honda has long signaled that there could be such a separation, especially on account of the platform. We explain: the current generation of the Honda HR-V sold in Brazil, the second on a global scale, uses the Fit base that is sold in the four corners of the world. The new model uses the foundation of the new Fit and City, which is more expensive and sophisticated.

The production of the new City in Brazil justified the new global generation of the HR-V here. Meanwhile, in Europe and Japan, the HR-V has the Fit to share the base. As Honda has no intention of making the new Fit or City in the US, the HR-V could not perform there as a standalone product on that basis.

Honda HR-V 2023 USA [divulgação]
Honda HR-V 2023 USA [divulgação]

The solution? Develop a new Honda HR-V entirely based on the Civic. Unlike the global SUV, which has a coupe footprint and a very bold design, the North American model is more straight. The problem is that it has lost personality, as the front looks like a Ford and the rear looks like an Acura.

The slightly oval and low front grille is completely the visual identity of Ford, especially the medium SUV Escape. The bumper has larger air intakes than the international model, forming a C in the fog lights region. The rear is practically identical to the 2013 Acura RDX, but with stronger volumes.

Nothing about the release date or powertrain of the Honda HR-V made in the USA has been revealed for now. It is possible that it will be equipped with the Civic’s 2.0 four-cylinder naturally aspirated engine with 158 hp and 19 kgfm of torque. The transmission, as always, will be CVT. There are, for now, no expectations of a hybrid version there.

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