New PS Plus! Sony can change the way the service works!

While we wait for the games of PS Plus from February 2022, the Sony may be about to radically change the subscription service.

According to a statement sent to the website VentureBeat, a Sony is demanding that several merchants in the United Kingdom remove the cards from PS Now your stores until next week. Everything indicates that this action is to prepare the ground for the “new PS Plus”, which is currently known as Spartacus.

This service will change the PS Plus and will make you more competitive with the Xbox Game Pass. the journalist Jason Schreier gives Bloomberg, said in his twitter that the same order arrived at the stores of USA some weeks ago.

Check out the journalist’s statement:

Interestingly, Sony pulling out PS Now cards in the UK is making several headlines on gaming sites today – it happened a few weeks ago in the US.

But yes, this is in preparation for the launch of Spartacus (aka the revamped PlayStation Plus), as Bloomberg reported in early December.

What would change in the new PS Plus?

PS Plus players will continue to receive free monthly games on the service.
PS Plus players will continue to receive free monthly games on the service.

Second Jason Schreier, a Sony must end the PlayStation Now and integrate it with PS Plus on a service with three different subscription types. The first tier will include the already known benefits of subscribing to PS Plus.

The second subscription will feature several exclusive games from Playstation 4 and PS5. The last option will also include extended demos and classic PS1, PS2, PS3 and PSP.

In short, it is worth remembering that the PlayStation Plus renewed is just a big rumor, but we should certainly have news soon.

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