Paulinho is presented at Corinthians, explains his lightning trip to Arabia and says: “I am moved by challenges” | Corinthians

Back to Corinthians after more than eight years, midfielder Paulinho was presented as a reinforcement for the club this Friday afternoon.

Ídolo do Timão, the player spoke of leaving the glories of the past aside and building a new history at the club:

– I am a guy driven by challenges, when I left here in 2013 these words that one day I would return, I came back, I am here. The fan remembers Paulinho from the first pass, but I want him to remember from now on. You will remember from 2010 until the end of my cycle at Corinthians. It’s a club that has given me great things. I had a little help in what we built together and I want to be remembered from 2010 to the end of my cycle – he declared.

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Paulinho between president Duilio Monteiro Alves and director Roberto de Andrade — Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

At the press conference, Paulinho explained the lightning passage he had at Al-Ahli, in Saudi Arabia. He joined the club in the middle of last year, but terminated his contract two months later, having played just four games.

– My departure and departure, together with the family, we made the decision. Life is this way. We arrived in Arabia, at the club, you know me well, I will never speak ill of one club or another, but I arrived and found situations that were not for me. It wasn’t a financial problem, with a technical one, it was a problem that I didn’t think was fair and that’s why the decision to terminate. I stayed for two months, when they elected me as captain, being a leader, I tried to help my teammates, but I found things I’m not used to and I preferred to have the termination in two months. It was the best situation I saw, and the best decision for that moment.

Asked about his physical condition after a season in which he played very little, Paulinho said:

– It is difficult for me to put it to you if I am able to play 90 minutes, it is very difficult for the period I was stopped. I was training at home, but it’s not the same. I try to get to my level as quickly as possible with the work of the committee. Regardless of the time Sylvinho will need, I have to be available quickly – he declared.

Idol of Corinthians, Paulinho played 167 games and scored 34 goals for the club from 2010 to 2013. The midfielder was champion of Libertadores and Mundial, in 2012, after winning the Brazilian Championship, in 2011. He was also champion of São Paulo in 2013. That year, he was traded to Tottenham for 20 million euros (R$60 million at the time).

Paulinho gave a press conference at Corinthians — Photo: Rodrigo Coca / Ag.Corinthians

Present at the last two World Cups, Paulinho avoided talking about the Qatar World Cup. He said he was focused on Timão, not on returning to the Brazilian team.

– My focus is Corinthians today. It’s no use. Obviously I know it’s a World Cup year, everyone dreams of playing it, but due to my last year being complicated and difficult, when there was an agreement with Corinthians, at the moment I don’t see anything other than the focus on my club. I can’t think about the Brazilian team before my work here, my focus and ambition are here. What can happen is naturally. If it has to happen, it will. But I’m happy to return to my home, to do what I love, the focus is here.

See other excerpts from Paulinho’s press conference:

– It was practically a year off the pitch. The first six or seven months because of the pandemic, I couldn’t return to China. When it opened, the episode happened with my daughter, I saw that I wasn’t supposed to return to China anymore. She had surgery, for us a normal thing, but for a three-year-old it is a serious thing. I stayed two or three more months, went to Arabia, played three months and came back. It was the worst year of my life as a player. Even though you have a contract, but are out for a year, not because of you or the club, you are out of your routine and not knowing what to do. I am eager, willing and willing. You can wait for my delivery. I’m looking forward to the competitions.

– I think my characteristics remain the same. In the last three years, working in China, I played a little more forward due to the need of the coach, Canavaro, he advanced me more to play as a second striker, but it’s not my role, I’m a second midfielder who comes to the front. But it’s over, now it’s time to think from now on, the way the committee wants to use me, I’ll always be available to help my teammates and the club.

Reunion with old friends

– Fábio Santos and Cássio are players I had and I have the privilege of being by my side. It was a short time (together on this lap), but we remember previous things we conquered, but it’s gone, step is to think from now on, they are new challenges, competition that we know the level. Let’s keep the memories of the past, the achievements, which are important and positive, so that from now on we dream of new goals this year.

– About my history, if I have this notion, several people ask me. Really, I don’t. I feel like a normal guy, a normal human being, the way Corinthians helped me build a fantastic story is phenomenal, but it’s gone. It’s from now on. I leave it to the fans, who I know have great affection for me, as I have for a club that has given me special things in my career. It’s gone, now it’s building new things from now on.

– About playing all together, Sylvinho who decides, scales and determines. I’m sure it has qualified players, a great quality group. Whoever enters will do the trick. I came to help and collaborate, achieve goals with my teammates, for that I was hired, I want to thank the management and the club. It’s doing my job quietly and leaving it to Professor Sylvinho.

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