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A prisoner in the war, Pilar (Gabriela Medvedovski) will play the spy for Brazil and risk her death in Nos Tempos do Imperador. The girl will investigate Solano López (Roberto Birindelli), will be caught and will end up in the crosshairs of Elisa Lynch (Lana Rhodes) in Globo’s six o’clock soap opera.

In next Tuesday’s chapter (18), the doctor will be captured by the dictator of the neighboring country during the Paraguayan War (1864-1870). Dom Pedro 2º’s rival (Selton Mello) will make the young woman a slave and even sexually harass her in his camp.

One day, Samuel’s ex-fiancée (Michel Gomes) will overhear a conversation by Solano López about a Brazilian friend. Curious, the health professional will question Elisa about the identity of the man in question. “If I tell you, it will be the last thing you’ll hear in your life. Is it really worth knowing?”, teased the Englishwoman.

Dolores’ sister (Daphne Bozaski), however, will not rest until she finds out who is the person who is betraying the motherland. The young woman will take advantage of a moment when the Paraguayan president’s tent will be open and will rummage through everything in search of some information.

She will be excited to find a letter addressed to Brazil. Upon picking up the proof of betrayal, the girl will start to read, but will be surprised by a sword blow that will break the paper in two. Elisa will appear and threaten the health worker with the gun.

In the Emperor’s Times takes place about 40 years after the events of New World (2017). The telenovela will end next month, giving way to the screening of Além da Illusion.

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