PIS/PASEP salary bonus calendar will start in February

The payment of the PIS and PASEP salary bonus was approved by the Deliberative Council of the Worker Support Fund (Codefat​) on the 7th. 15th for public servants. Workers can withdraw the money until December 29th.

To be entitled to the benefit, both workers in the Social Integration Program (PIS), aimed at employees in the private sector, and public servants in the Public Servant Heritage Training Program (PASEP), need to fulfill certain requirements.

What is the value and how to withdraw?

First, the worker must have received up to two monthly minimum wages with a formal contract and have worked on a paid basis for at least thirty days, consecutive or not, during the base year of payment (2020). It is also necessary to be registered with PIS-PASEP for at least five years and to have the data updated by the employer in the Annual Report of Social Information (Rais).

The maximum amount that civil servants can receive is a minimum wage, an amount intended for those who worked all 12 months of the previous year. The dates for receiving the PIS take into account the month of birth, while the calendar for the PASEP considers the final registration number.

To withdraw the allowance, the worker must go to a lottery shop or Caixa self-service terminal with the Citizen Card in hand. Anyone who does not have the card should look for a Caixa branch in possession of an identification document. PASEP servers must look for a branch of Banco do Brasil, also in possession of an identification document. In both cases, if the beneficiaries are account holders of these banks, they may have the payment deposited directly into their accounts.

Calendar 2022

Check here the 2022 calendar, referring to the base year of 2020, according to CODEFAT resolution nº 934.

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