PM’s son poses as a trader and scams soldiers of R$ 1 million

The Civil Police of the Federal District (PCDF) investigates a millionaire coup that would have been articulated by the son of a military police officer from the paid reserve of the DF. Pedro Gil Fonseca Duarte (main photo), 30 years old, owner of Pedro Intermediação de Negócios Eireli (2P Trader), would have caused damage to more than 30 PMs. The investigation is under the responsibility of the Coordination for the Repression of Crimes Against Consumers, Intangible Property and Fraud (Corf).

Most victims say they were convinced by the businessman’s father. In meetings held at the 20th Military Police Battalion (Paranoá), the retired police officer guaranteed that his son was qualified to work in the financial market and ensured that the profit was certain.

The PMs made investments ranging from R$55,000 to R$77,000. In addition to cash transfers, the military also transferred goods, such as automobiles, to the trader’s name. It is estimated that, in just one battalion, Pedro Duarte has profited more than R$ 1 million with the promise of gains of up to 20% per month.

A military police officer details that, on February 26, 2021, he signed a contract with Pedro Duarte. According to the agreement, the PM would invest R$ 20 thousand in operations on the stock exchange. The amount would be managed by the company 2P Investimentos.

The contract also established that, after six months of signature, the company would pay 20% of the invested capital, in addition to the initial amount. After receiving the income in the first months, the military decided to deposit another R$ 40 thousand. Interested in profits, another PM invested R$30,000, under the same contractual conditions.

According to the victims, the suspect promised to return BRL 206,000 in September 2021. The amount would be divided between the two investors.

After the deadline, however, the entrepreneur did not pay the amounts and, since then, has postponed payment. Whenever the victims demanded, Pedro Duarte established a new date for compliance with the agreement, stating that he would sell goods to pay off the debt.

Another police officer said he met the suspect on a visit he made to the battalion where the officer works. At the time, the boy offered him an investment opportunity.

“He is the son of a sub-lieutenant of the PMDF reserve and, therefore, he was able to move freely in the unit. Faced with the business offer, I got in touch to formalize the R$ 10,000 contract. About a month later, I learned that he had not been honoring his contracts and, sometimes, was late in paying amounts”, said the PM.

The military met with other victims and went to the finance company’s office, located in Planaltina. Occasion in which Pedro Duarte informed that he had had his accounts blocked due to high withdrawals. However, in the face of questioning, he ended up admitting that he did not have the money to settle the agreements.

Hit the battalion

In July last year, a group formed by members of the 20th Battalion decided to go to the Civil Police to report the coup. They informed that they signed contracts with the company 2P, in the amounts of R$ 22 thousand, R$ 30 thousand, R$ 77 thousand, R$ 29 thousand, R$ 13 thousand, R$ 16 thousand, R$ 33 thousand and R$ 55 thousand.

The police officers claimed that they did not receive the promised income nor did they obtain reimbursement of the amount. The victims also point out that Pedro Duarte’s sister, Isabela Fonseca Duarte, director of the company, was also involved in the scheme. The woman was even seen circulating in a Mercedes C180, which costs approximately R$ 237,900, in Planaltina.

In a group set up on WhatsApp, 2P employees even promised to pay the amounts in installments and gave instructions asking the police not to call Pedro Duarte, as it would interfere with his performance on the stock exchange – a task, according to them, stressful and stressful. that requires a lot of concentration.

Check out the audios sent to victims:

The column was unable to contact Pedro Duarte and 2P Trader. The space remains open for demonstration.


In December last year, the third sergeant of the Military Police of the Federal District (PMDF) Ronie Peter Fernandes da Silva, arrested during Operation SOS Malibu, and all the others investigated became defendants in the process that investigates crimes of criminal organization, usury and money laundering. The action was triggered by the Civil Police (PCDF) on November 16, 2021.

The loan shark sergeant was denounced for crimes of criminal organization, usury and money laundering, in addition to four crimes of extortion. Prosecutors in the case understood that he was the leader of the criminal organization. The MPDFT also requested the loss of Ronie Peter’s position, in case of conviction.


Thiago Fernandes was denounced for the crime of criminal organization, usury and money laundering. The same crimes of criminal organization and money laundering were attributed to Djair Baia, father of the investigated. Alison and Raiane were denounced for crimes of criminal organization and money laundering.

Luxury life

The life that the sergeant led before being arrested is worthy of movie screens. Suspected of leading a gang of loan sharks, as revealed by the metropolises, the PM lived in mansions, had a collection of luxury cars and constantly took trips to paradisiacal beaches.

The entire ostentation routine was recorded on social media. Despite the PM’s paycheck indicating salaries of R$ 8 thousand, the sergeant accumulated more than R$ 8 million in bank accounts, with the criminal practice.

The operation

During the action to dismantle the criminal organization, DRF investigators carried out search and seizure warrants in two mansions owned by the police officer’s family. According to investigations, the military acted together with his brother Thiago Fernandes, who also became a defendant this Monday. The properties are located in Vicente Pires, where the arrests took place.

In a video published by Ronie Silva on Instagram, it is possible to see one of the houses, which has a pool, leisure area, barbecue, air-conditioned environments and a garage full of imported cars.

See the sergeant’s house:

Check out pictures of the operation:


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