Police find body of 22-year-old who called her father after accident

The Civil Police found on the afternoon of this Thursday (13) the body of the 22-year-old girl who had disappeared after calling her father and saying that she had suffered an accident in the interior of São Paulo. The information is from g1.

The body of Kathia Fernandes Oliveira was found about 500 meters from the place where her car had been located on Tuesday (11), between Águas de Santa Bárbara and Iaras.

According to police chief Omar Zedan Vieira, responsible for the investigations, Kathia’s body was in the Rio Novo, in an advanced state of decomposition.

The young woman, who lived in the municipality of Óleo, told her family that she would go for a walk on Monday night (10), and that she would soon return home. Shortly thereafter, Kathia’s father received a call from her saying that he had been in an accident.

Her sister, Thaimara Souza, said that Kathia had arranged to meet a resident of Iaras, but that he informed her that she had not shown up.

“He even showed a message Kathia sent him, saying he was filling up the car and would be here soon,” the sister said.

Police are reviewing security camera footage from a gas station in Manduri, in which Kathia appears filling up her car moments before disappearing.

Also according to g1, the police heard the boy with whom the young woman was going to meet, and also her ex-boyfriend, but they are not considered suspects.

Kathia’s disappearance was registered on Tuesday (11), and on the same day her car was found inside the Rio Novo, on the banks of the Vicinal Highway Jair Gilberto Campaneti.

The case is being investigated by the Civil Police of Águas de Santa Bárbara, with the support of the Oil, Manduri and Iaras teams. An investigation was carried out at the place where the car was found and the teams work with several lines of investigation. Police also asked for the young woman’s phone confidentiality to be broken, but her cell phone was not found.

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