Prince Andrew and his relationship with Queen Elizabeth II

Buckingham Palace announced yesterday that Prince Andrew has lost his military titles. He can no longer be considered a “Royal Highness” after the US court denies the filing of the sexual abuse complaint.

“He will defend himself in this case as a private citizen,” the official statement from Buckingham Palace confirmed.

150 military veterans wrote to the Queen to ask her to remove Andrew from his honorary military posts amid what they described as “annoyance and anger”.

Andrew was once considered by the British press as the “Queen’s favorite son”. In addition to reports of the closeness between them before the prince was involved in the scandal, the series “The Crown”, which shows details of the royal family, also points to a preference of the queen.

Relationship between Elizabeth and Andrew

The Mirror newspaper reported on the relationship between the queen and her second child citing interviews from the documentary “The Royal Family at War”, shown on the British TV network Channel 5.

According to a statement by journalist Penny Junor, the Queen “has always had a blind spot when it comes to Prince Andrew”. Paul Burrell, Princess Diana’s former butler, stresses that Andrew “has always been the favorite son and has never done anything wrong in Elizabeth II’s vision”.

Katie Nicholl, an expert on the royal family, told the documentary that Andrew’s good relationship with Elizabeth created tension between him and his older brother Prince Charles, the successor to the British crown.

One of the reasons for the proximity was pointed out by historian Robert Lacey in a publication by Town & Country. He explains that Elizabeth walked away from royal commitments and devoted herself exclusively to motherhood, unlike when Charles was born 12 years earlier.

In addition to being a “present” mother in Andrew’s growth, the queen was also pleased with the then prince’s choice for a relationship with Sara Margaret Ferguson.

The two formed one of the leading couples of the 1980s. After several problems in their relationship, the divorce was finalized in 1996.

The press also considered Andrew a “war hero”. He was part of the British Royal Navy during the Falklands War in 1982. Britain took control of the territory after the conflict with Argentina.

What does the series ‘The Crown’ show?

Elizabeth’s affection for her son Andrew is the subject of “The Crown” season 4. During Episode 4, the Queen, played by Olivia Colman, discovers that Margaret Thatcher favors her son, Mark, in situations involving the twin Carol.

Elizabeth wonders about having a favorite child. In a dialogue with Philip (Tobias Menzies), the monarch asks if she made mistakes for being so understanding in her relationship with Andrew, which makes her realize about her own preference.

Withdrawal from public life

The first signs of separation from Elizabeth and Andrew appeared in 2019, the year he left public duties days after giving an interview talking about his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein, arrested after being accused of sexually exploiting minors.

“My former association with Jeffrey Epstein has become a major disruption to my family’s work,” the then-prince said in an official statement.

When he tried to defend himself in an interview with the BBC, Andrew gave negatives considered unconvincing, with no signs of regret and no empathy for his friend’s victims.

According to the Mirror, Elizabeth canceled a birthday party prepared to celebrate the prince’s 60th birthday. The celebration was planned to take place in February 2020.

Process opening and financial support

American Virginia Giuffre denounced Prince Andrew for sexual abuse in 2021. According to the lawsuit, she was one of the victims of the sexual crimes of American businessman Jeffrey Epstein.

Giuffre claims she was abused by Andrew on Epstein’s estate in 2001, when she was 17. The charges were officially denied by the prince.

Jeffrey Epstein was arrested in July 2019, and the following month he was found dead in his cell.

According to Andrew’s defense, in 2009, Giuffre signed an agreement with Epstein that prohibited her from prosecuting the tycoon or “other potential defendants.” The judge considered that this agreement is insufficient to close the case against Andrew.

According to the Daily Telegraph, the queen supported the prince in the process, and even shelled out millions of pounds of her own estate to various lawyers who charge up to $2,000 an hour.

However, the Mirror points out that there is no financial aid to the prince at this time. The newspaper points out that Andrew put a chalet up for sale for R$ 127 million with the intention of bearing the costs of the process.

According to the publication of the newspaper The Sun, the relationship between mother and son was impacted by the controversy. The publication guarantees that Andrew will not be present at the platinum jubilee celebrations, which commemorate the 70th anniversary of Elizabeth’s reign.

Andrew asked for the filing of the complaint for sexual abuse, which was denied by the US court last Wednesday (12). The decision preceded the statement that confirmed the loss of military titles.

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