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Atlético-MG, once again, starts the season with a new commander. Cuca asked to leave, and Antonio El Turco Mohamed arrived. Name chosen for his knowledge of South American football and for the chance to continue the work done not only by the former coach, but also by Jorge Sampaoli, in 2020.

In a press conference after the hiring was announced, Rodrigo Caetano, director of football, highlighted the concern that the club had to bring in a professional capable of maintaining the good things of the champion team of the Copa do Brasil, Mineiro and Brasileiro.

– It’s a little more of his vision of football, which can meet the characteristics of our players.

“When we talk about continuity, the idea is that Sampaoli and Cuca can continue, mainly, and not talk about rupture. So many good things happened. The idea was that, that there was continuity of idea”

Antonio El Turco Mohamed is the new coach of Atlético-MG – Photo: Disclosure/Monterrey

Among the characteristics that caught the attention of the alvinegra dome are the search for a game of protagonism and high pressure on the opposing defenses.

– Our decision-making is based on the set of characteristics. (…) Coaches of the most diverse nationalities were offered. Some made contacts.

“Within the set of characteristics of the way his team acts, of pressing high, of being a protagonist, we chose him. It is not demerit to Brazilian, Portuguese. But in the understanding of the people who had to make the decision, we understood that it was Turkish Mohamed”

The winning profile of Turco also weighed in the analysis by Atlético-MG. He has already won a Copa Sudamericana, League titles in Mexico, in addition to participating in the 2019 Club World Cup. Caetano made a point of highlighting Monterrey’s good performance, with Mohamed, against Liverpool, at the 2019 World Cup.

– The search was for a coach who also knows Latin American football, including Mexico. He made his last competition for Monterrey, which was superior to Liverpool from Klopp in the World Cup, in a fateful goal in a second minute of extra time in the second half, he could not reach the final. We did a general survey.

Antonio "Turkish" Mohamed speaks for the first time as Atlético-MG coach

Antonio “Turco” Mohamed speaks for the first time as Atlético-MG coach

It will be Antonio Mohamed’s first opportunity in Brazilian football. In addition to Argentina and Mexico, he was also in Spain, where he commanded Celta de Vigo. According to Galo’s football director, the chance to be in Brazil also weighed on the coach’s decision, who had proposals from other countries.

– Precisely because he did not work in Brazil, he accepted an invitation and challenge. He had so many other opportunities, including to return to Mexico. But he made this choice of wanting to come here, within our budgetary conditions. In the last year, he did not work, by personal choice, to solve particular problems in Buenos Aires.

Mohamed’s arrival in Belo Horizonte is scheduled for Sunday, the eve of the presentation of the squad for the pre-season. Due to the debut in Mineiro being on January 26, Galo will start the competition with an “alternative” group.

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