Public asks for the return of TV Globinho after Fátima Bernardes’ departure from the ‘Encontro’ is speculated

Presenter may leave Globo’s morning attraction at the end of 2022, the year in which the program completes 10 years on the air

Reproduction / Globe / 01.13.2022Fátima Bernardes completes 10 years ahead of the ‘Encontro’ in 2022

The possible output of Fátima Bernardes of the mornings of Globe became a topic on social media and many people are asking for the return of “TV globinho”. The children’s program, which occupied the current space of the “Meeting” on Globo’s programming schedule, it was withdrawn from the air in 2015. The attraction was the only one on the channel aimed at children and showed cartoons such as “Bob Esponja” and “Três Espiãs Demais”. “Will take [que volte], ‘TV Globinho’ was top”, commented a follower. “I want the old drawings, from the time I studied in the afternoon. I do not accept these new clown drawings,” wrote another. “The drawings can be different, because a lot of time has passed, but just having this show back is already a joy,” added one person. “’TV Globinho’ returning to its place that should never have left”, posted another.

Rumors that Fátima will leave “Encontro” at the end of 2022, after the program completes 10 years on the air, gained strength after columnist Flávio Ricco, from R7, announced that the departure of the Globo morning presenter is taken for granted behind the scenes at the station and, with that, the “Meeting” must come to an end. Also according to the columnist, there will be a reformulation in the mornings of the channel, but “Mais Você” by Ana Maria Braga will continue in the programming due to the success it has both on TV and on the internet. The bet is that a new program will be created to take the place in the “Encontro” and it will be difficult for “TV Globinho” to return to the air, as the children’s audience is not the broadcaster’s target. THE Young pan contacted Globo to find out about these changes in the schedule, but received no response.

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