remember babies that are the result of couples formed in the ‘BBB’

There’s been a lot of unassuming hook-up on “Big Brother Brasil” that has resulted in beautiful (and some large) families outside the house. The couple Mariana Felício and Daniel Saullo, from “BBB 6”, for example, are the record holders: four children. And Paula Amorim and Breno Simões, from “BBB 18”, who are already pregnant, soon, will be part of this reality story. Will any couple on “BBB 22” be able to get on this list in the future?

Paula and Breno – BBB 18

Paula and Bren
Paula and Breno Photo: reproduction

During the interviews, Paula and Breno did not hide their dream of increasing their family, but they always talked about professional plans first. After the mining company won the “No Limit”, the couple formed in the “BBB 18” opened the factory. Paula revealed the news to her fiance through chocolates. Breno ate one and found a paper with the phrase: “promoted to daddy”. Excited, dear.

Aline and Fernando – BBB 15

Aline and Fernando’s son is already huge: Lucca is six years old. “How fast they grow”, wrote the mining girl when publishing a recent photo of her son.

Diego and Fran – BBB 14

Diego and Fran
Diego and Fran Photo: Reproduction

Fran and Diego from “BBB 14” gave birth to Enrico in September 2020. At the time of the birth, the model told EXTRA the emotion she felt. “We are very happy, overflowing with joy. He is the most perfect, healthy and strong thing. He came to bring union and love,” he said.

Eliezer and Kamilla – BBB 13

Elieser, Kamilla and Bento
Elieser, Kamilla and Bento Photo: Reproduction

Eliéser and Kamilla also became dads in September 2020. Bento was barely born and already had a profile on social media with more than 50,000 followers (today, that number reaches 103,000).

Adriana and Rodrigão – BBB 11

Rodrigo, Linda, Rodriguinho and Adriana
Rodrigo, Linda, Rodriguinho and Adriana

Together since 2011, the two are parents to five-year-old Rodriguinho and three-year-old Linda. The family currently lives in Orlando, United States.

Analy and Alan Pierre – BBB 7

Analy and son Theo
Analy and her son Theo Photo: Publicity/Ana Paula Guerra

The couple formed in “BBB 7” is no longer together, but from the relationship Theo, currently 13 years old. After separating, Analy also gave birth to David, the result of a new relationship.

Analy and Alan
Analy and Alan

Mariana Felício and Daniel Saullo – BBB 6

The record holders for post-reality children have been married for 15 years and are the parents of four children: Anita, Antônio and the twins José and João.

Daniel and Mariana from BBB 6
Daniel and Mariana from BBB 6 Photo: reproduction/instagram

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