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Three months of confinement on a reality show like Big Brother Brazil they can generate disproportionate confusion, lasting alliances, strategies and even, why not, intense romances. Since the first edition of the program, which aired in 2001, couples are almost guaranteed a figure on the BBB.

Whether the most basic novels, which end after the end of the edition, or even the most torrid, which remain until the present day, the couples graduated from the most watched house in Brazil, they gain legions of fans and even affectionate names from the public.

Who doesn’t remember Francine and Max, for example? The two were one of the most admired in the entire history of the show, but ended up lasting a short time outside of confinement. On the other hand, Rodrigão and Adriana Sant’Anna are still together and have formed a real empire on social networks.

A few days before the premiere of BBB 22, we list some of the main couples in the history of the program. Remember all of them? Check the list:

Sabrina Sato and Dhomini

Photograph: reproduction / TV Globo

The romance between Sabrina Sato, now a presenter, and Dhomini, took place in the 2nd edition of the BBB. At the time, the then participant, who would become the champion chosen by the public, entered the confinement committed.

Still, after days of living together, the two began a relationship. Outside the house, they stayed together for almost a year, when they decided to end their romance amicably.

Currently, both Dhomini and Sabrina are married to other partners. The presenter, who was recently hired by Rede Globo, is married to Duda Nagle, with whom she had little Zoe.

Mariana Felicio and Daniel Saullo

Photograph: reproduction/Instagram

Inside the Big Brother Brasil house, Mariana and Daniel showed no signs that the relationship could be lasting. However, outside the game they proved that not everything is strengthened only in confinement.

After leaving BBB 6, they got back together, finally getting married in 2014. With the union sealed, they had four children, three boys and a girl.

To remember the times of relationship in front of the cameras, they participated in Power Couple Brasil 4, from Rede Record, winning 4th place.

Francine and Max

Photograph: TV Globo/Fabrício Mota

Remembered to this day as one of the main couples in the history of BBB, Francine and Max lived a relationship full of ups and downs in the game. Fights, jealousy and affection were marked by the involvement of the two to the public, which led to the formation of a true legion of fans of the two.

Max came out of confinement with the main prize and, as soon as he left the house, he started the relationship with his ex-sister. However, the compatibility between the two was not so lasting, leading to the end of the relationship.

Adriana and Rodrigo

Photograph: TV Globo/ Frederico Rozario

Adriana and Rodrigão formed the most admired couple on BBB 11, despite many claiming that the sister was much more passionate than her brother. At the house, where Adriana had arrived a few weeks after the start, the romance didn’t last that long.

Still, Adriana openly declared herself to her beloved, almost as a harbinger of the story they would build outside of confinement. They have been married since 2015 and are the parents of two children.

Their success as a couple has even extended to social media, and together they run a series of courses on digital marketing and how to thrive in it.

Andressa and Nasser

Photograph: TV Globo/Paulo Belote

Andressa is another example of BBB participants who entered the reality committed, but ended up getting involved in the midst of confinement. When she met Nasser, the sister started a lasting relationship, which remains to this day.

The two met in the 13th edition of the global program, winning over the public because of the partnership, and continued dating outside the house. Engaged in 2019, they made the union official with a wedding ceremony held in August 2021.

Aline and Fernando

Photograph: TV Globo/publicity

Aline and Fernando weren’t the BBB 15’s favorite couple, despite the instant chemistry between the two. That’s because the brother had already started an affair with Amanda in confinement, even though he chose not to continue with the involvement.

When Aline entered the house, the two began to get involved, but the romance only lasted until the girl left, resulting in the return of Fernando and Amanda soon after.

They were already on the reality show, Fernando and Aline met again, resuming their relationship. Today, the two are married and Lucca’s parents.

Paula and Bren

Photograph: TV Globo/Paulo Belote

Paula and Breno got emotionally involved in Big Brother Brasil 18, shortly after the brother ended the beginning of an affair with Ana Clara Lima and Jaqueline Grohalski.

Once out of the house, the two actually started dating. The romance resulted in marriage plans and, now, the two live the gestation of their first child together.

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