Santos: Marcos Leonardo “ready” and involves Goulart in renovation imbroglio in Peixe


The 18-year-old center forward even posted a photo of Goulart on his Instagram account. Seeing negative repercussions, he deleted it to try to avoid criticism… in vain!

Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC - Goulart was included in Marcos Leonardo's imbroglio about renewal at Santos
Photo: Ivan Storti/Santos FC – Goulart was included in Marcos Leonardo’s imbroglio about renewal at Santos

The novel involving the renewal of Marcos Leonardo at the saints will have new chapters this Saturday (15). The meeting should have already taken place at the beginning of the week, but the executive director of Peixe, Edu Dracena, contracted Covid-19. The trend is that everything will be resolved before the start of the Paulista Championship and a departure from the 18-year-old is not ruled out.

The position of Marcos Leonardo’s staff in the negotiations has irritated the white-and-white management. The striker has a contract expiring in October 2022, that is, from April, in theory, he could already sign a pre-agreement with another team and leave Vila Belmiro for free, as happened recently with Yuri Alberto and Kaio Jorge.

To avoid such a fate, Peixe wants Menino da Vila to accept the five-year proposal, with a considerable increase in salaries and a termination fine valued at 30 million euros (about R$ 190 million at the current price), informs the newspaper. The Tribune. The problem is that the athlete’s manager wants a progressive fine – which starts low and increases according to the game’s goal -, which is considered unfeasible by the club’s board.

While witnessing the imbroglio, Marcos Leonardo seems to “not help himself” either and got into trouble on Thursday night (13). In Instagram stories, the striker posted a photo of Ricardo Goulart. Many Peixe fans mocked the situation, insinuating that “someone” had invaded the Vila boy’s profile.

“Hacked Instagram, right?”, nudged a Santos man on Twitter. Another part of the crowd saw Marcos Leonardo’s posture as being sarcastic to the direction, insinuating that Goulart, a heavyweight announced this week, would have more importance in the day-to-day agenda at CT Rei Pelé. but the comments and “prints” continue to be talked about on the networks.

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