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“L” for “luck”? Officially announced last Thursday, Germán Cano arrived at Fluminense with a history of goalscorer and, who knows, also an amulet. The Argentine striker is famous for being the executioner of the team that will be Tricolor’s opponent in the Pre-Libertadores: Millonarios of Colombia. Flu will face the Colombians on February 22, at 9:30 pm (Brasília time), in Bogotá, and on March 1, at 9:30 pm, in São Januário.

Germán Cano is the top scorer in the history of Independiente Medellín – Photo: Reproduction

Cano started his career in Argentina and also passed through Colombia, Paraguay and Mexico before arriving in Brazil and shining for Vasco. But where he stood out the most was on Colombian soil, especially when he defended Independiente Medellín. At the club, the striker became the highest scorer in history with 129 goals. And it had as one of its biggest victims the Millonarios.

In eight games against the opponents of Fluminense in the Pré-Libertadores, Cano scored seven times. Average of almost one goal per game. On Twitter, tricolor fan Ygor Moreira made a compilation of the times the striker stole Millonarios’ nets (see video below):

And Atletico Nacional, another Colombian team that can cross the tricolor path in the last phase of the Pré-Libertadores, if Fluminense passes Millonarios, has also suffered at the feet of Cano. The forward scored six goals in 11 duels against the team.

Average of almost 30 goals in the last 4 years

At 34 years old, the Argentine promises to be a strong competition for Fred in Fluminense. In the last four seasons, Cano averaged 29.2 balls in the net, that is, almost 30 goals a year: 43 were for Vasco (see video below) and 74 by Independiente Medellín, totaling 117.

Check out Germán Cano's 43 goals for Vasco

Check out Germán Cano’s 43 goals for Vasco

  • 33 goals in 49 games for Independiente Medellín in 2018
  • 41 goals in 47 games for Independiente Medellín in 2019
  • 24 goals in 51 games for Vasco in 2020
  • 19 goals in 50 games for Vasco in 2021

The arrival of the Argentine also promises to offer a different style for Fluminense in attack. If last year Fred’s reserves were Abel Hernández and Bobadilla, two strikers in the style of shirt 9, Cano is already different from the tricolor idol: he is not one to play with his back to the goal and make the pivot, but he is a center forward of more mobility and an excellent finisher.

Cano next to Fred in his first training session at Fluminense — Photo: Mailson Santana / Fluminense FC

It remains to be seen who will be the starter with Abel Braga.

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