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Owner of the largest program of members-supporters in Brazilian football, Atlético-MG created another category for purchasing tickets for the 2022 season. Galo launched the “season ticket”. In translation, a package of annual entries. The sale of the package includes 26 games of the year, and there are 10 thousand units available.

Only members of the Strong Avenger, Black and Silver categories will be able to buy the packages. Prices are affordable, around R$966 for the cheapest sectors of Mineirão, and up to R$4,750 in the lower purple sector, the noblest of the Gigante da Pampulha. On average, whoever buys the most expensive package will pay BRL 182 for each match in the lower purple.

Atlético fans put more than 50 thousand in Mineirão in all games with 100% clearance — Photo: Bruno Sousa/Atlético

For obvious reasons, the annual ticket package does not cover Atlético’s knockout matches, as the club, no matter how successful it was in 2021, is not guaranteed to be present even in the knockout stage of the Campeonato Mineiro. There will be four games of the State, 19 matches of the Brazilian, and the three clashes of the group stage of Libertadores. That’s why the Copa do Brasil is out.

– Another innovation, after a beautiful year we had. We are going for much more in 2022, which is a year that promises a lot. We are following the best practices of the sport that happen in the world. It is a package in which you have the possibility of withdrawing tickets in the games of the Rooster. We know the importance of the fans, as the team gains an extra gas – commented Leandro Figueiredo, business director of Galo.

Today, Atlético has 125,000 non-defaulting supporters. There is a budget forecast for the membership program to earn R$30 million in 2022. In addition to another R$53 million from gross box office income. In 2021, with the success on the field, Galo ended the year with more than R$ 180 million between box office and awards for titles and campaigns.

For 2022, Atlético expects to raise BRL 30 million with Galo na Veia, in addition to BRL 53 million at the box office. The real revenue for 2021 with the two items – box office and fan partner – will only be known at the closing and publication of the financial statement, which is usually endorsed by the deliberative council in April.

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