Signposts, entrance to the main hall and singing of relief: the party of Botafogo fans for the sale of SAF

the crowd of Botafogo was one of the main protagonists of the Deliberative Council’s vote on Thursday night. Not least, the fan took a ‘weight off his back’ in front of the Board approval for the sale of 90% of the football department to John Textor.

Fans were present at Glorioso’s headquarters since 17:00, two hours before the meeting starts. Things heated up, of course, at the time of the councilors’ meeting. More than 100 Botafogo people were present at General Severiano’s mansion.

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Botafogo - Fans - SAF Vote

Fans were present (Photo: Vítor Silva/Botafogo)

The impression was of a football game outside the house. The fans took flares and had a party based on pyrotechnics in General Severiano. In the voice, anthem and songs that are commonly sung at Nilton Santos Stadium during Botafogo matches.

The moment of total ecstasy was when the approval of the vote was announced over the speakers. A short time later, the crowd left the sidewalks and entered the mansion, heading to the main hall, stage of the election. With the right to an entertainer and beer, even the social part of the mansion was dominated by the relief cry from Botafogo at the end of amateurism in football.

There will be one more vote this Friday. The ball of the moment will be the partners: statutory and owners will undergo a new election from 1 pm to 7 pm also in General Severiano. If approved, then the transition to the arrival of John Textor will actually begin.

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