SP doctors discuss strike in assembly this Thursday: ‘Announced chaos’ – 01/13/2022

An assembly is scheduled to take place on Thursday night (13th) to discuss a possible stoppage of health professionals in São Paulo. In recent weeks, due to the advance of the omicron variant of the coronavirus, the category has suffered from overcrowded health units, lack of medicines and lag in teams.

In an interview with UOL News Tonight, infectious disease specialist Juliana Salles, director of Simesp (São Paulo Doctors Union), said that chaos is announced.

“Physicians and health workers find themselves in overload of work and the appeal of the population, many people waiting, in the face of this overload and history of lack of professionals and exhausted professionals”, she argued.

“Doctors and healthcare workers are two years into the pandemic extremely exhausted, and there are increasing demands for care goals.”

In the assessment of the category, said Juliana, this is a disrespect of the city hall, the secretary of health and official organizations with professionals who are on the front line in the fight against the pandemic.

“Until last year we had a negotiation table with the city hall, but it was extinguished. So we asked for the reopening so that we can negotiate the working conditions of these professionals, especially now in this situation of announced chaos, a harbinger of perhaps a new collapse. “

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