SP government says it starts vaccinating children against Covid-19 this Friday | São Paulo

The government of São Paulo announced that the vaccination of children against Covid-19 will start at 12 pm this Friday (12).

According to state management, Governor João Doria (PSDB) will accompany the act, which will be held at Hospital das Clínicas, in the West Zone of the capital.

Vaccination priority will be for children with some type of comorbidity or disability, in addition to indigenous people and quilombolas, as shown in the table below.

Immunization must take place in a symbolic way, aimed at a small group, exactly as was done in January 2021, when nurse Mônica Calazans, 54, became the first person to receive a dose of the Covid vaccine in the country.

In the health centers of the capital of São Paulo, however, the vaccine will only be applied from Monday (17), as announced by the city hall. The same should happen in other cities in the state.

The state government’s expectation is to vaccinate 4.3 million children in a three-week period.

Vaccination must occur in a staggered manner, in descending order, as was done with the adult population, but the government awaits the receipt of doses to publish a calendar.

According to the state administration, the The state’s vaccination capacity is 250,000 children per day, and this number may even be higher according to the demand of families in São Paulo.

The pre-registration for vaccination of this public was released on Wednesday (12). Parents can access the São Paulo government website (www.vacinaja.sp.gov.br) to enter the child’s data and speed up care at health posts in the state.

List of comorbidities for children who will have vaccination priority in São Paulo. — Photo: Publicity/Government of SP

The first doses of the Pfizer vaccine for children aged 5 to 11 began to arrive in the states this Friday (14). It will be up to the states and municipalities to define the application schedule.

The government of SP is still waiting for the arrival of immunizers, but has already announced that immunization begins symbolically at Hospital das Clínicas in the early afternoon.

The flight with the first batch of vaccines arrived in Brazil at dawn on Thursday (13).

The 1st batch of Pfizer vaccine arrives in Brazil for children aged 5 to 11 years

The 1st batch of Pfizer vaccine arrives in Brazil for children aged 5 to 11 years

Vaccination card against Covid-19 in children in the state of São Paulo — Photo: Publicity/Government of the State of São Paulo

In December, the state management released images of the vaccination card against Covid-19 that will be used during the immunization campaign for children aged 5 to 11 in the state.

With the yellow top and the hashtag #Vacinajá in colored letters, the card is similar to the one used in the state for the immunization of adults and adolescents.

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