Thais Braz says she has cried a lot and felt like cutting her forehead

After receiving an insult on her forehead, Thaís Braz, 28, decided to vent. The former BBB confessed that she has cried a lot and felt like cutting off that part of her body.

On her Twitter page, the dentist published a print of the mean messages she received on Instagram. In the post, she also wrote about her feeling upon reading this kind of offense.

“Guys, what’s wrong with people coming to tell me that? Seriously… that’s why there are people freaking out to fit a pattern that someone created! And I say that because it’s a trigger of mine!! I’ve cried a lot and wanted to cut my forehead by judgments of the people!” she wrote.

In the messages sent by a “hater”, the woman wrote “Because your forehead is ugly lol that’s why you don’t let it” and “What a horror forehead”.

In the comments, Arthur Picoli, his confinement friend from “BBB 21”, asked his friend not to look at this type of message.

“I already told you to stop getting into this message request shit,” he wrote.

The former BBB has denied a few times having undergone an aesthetic procedure on her face. There have already been rumors that she would have had a bichectomy and facial harmonization, but Thais says that the only procedure she underwent was lip filler.

I think people are so clueless and claiming a lot without knowing. And that can sometimes make the other person feel bad. My face has always been like this. When I lose weight, it thins and dries up. When I gain weight, even a little bit can be seen on my cheek.

“It’s the shape of my face, because I have a raised apple”, she adds, in an interview with splash on the red carpet of the party in celebration of Virgínia Fonseca’s 30 million followers.

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