The prize accumulates in the contest and goes to R$ 8.8 million

No bet hit the seven tens (01-06-23-28-42-48-72) drawn in the Timemania 1735 contest, held today (13). As there was no winner, the prize was accumulated for the next draw, which was estimated at R$8.8 million.

Another 8,603 bets took the prize of R$ 7.50 intended for those who got the team of the heart drawn in the contest right: Sao Caetano – SP.

Another four bets matched six of the dozens drawn and each won a prize of R$ 41,091.19. Another 185 tickets nailed five numbers, taking a prize of R$ 1,283.09 each. There were still 3,617 winning bets with four hits and 34,449 with three hits.

How do I participate in the next Timemania draw?

You need to place a bet of ten numbers, plus your favorite team, at Caixa-accredited lotteries, or on the bank’s special lottery website. Each contest draws seven numbers and a heart team. Bets can be placed until 7pm on the day of the draw.

How much does it cost to bet on Timemania?

There is only one type of bet: 10 numbers and the heart team. For this you pay R$ 3,00.

And what are my chances of winning at Timemania?

As there is only one way to bet, the chance of taking the jackpot, with seven hits, is one in 26,472,637. To hit six numbers, the chance is one in 216,103. The heart team is easier: one in 80.

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