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The Settlers is one of the games that is part of my growth as a gamer and video game lover. It’s like stepping into a time machine and going back to 1993, the year in which the first game was created by the late Blue Byte, which is now part of the Ubisoft universe. Several games have been released over the preceding decades, the last incursion being in 2010, if we exclude the 2014 cancellation of The Settlers: Kingdoms of Anteria. This new bet is inspired by The Settlers 3 and 4. The publisher gave us early access to the closed beta, which we thank you in advance. It will be released in a few months, with the final version scheduled for March 17, 2022.

For the more distracted, The Settlers is a real-time strategy game very focused on management, construction and expansion, with a dash of combat. In this new bet we have the return of those same foundations, and in this beta we can try a little bit of everything. There’s a tutorial that takes us through the basics, whether it’s building, managing, and combat. Nothing too deep, but important for those unfamiliar with the genre. In addition to the tutorial, we have access to matches in Skirmish mode against the AI ​​or online against other players. Unfortunately in this beta there is no access to any part of the Campaign Mode.

The available Skirmish mode has already made it possible to draw some conclusions about the game mechanics and especially whether it will be able to compete with the competition. In this mode we have a single map, The Shire, two factions, Maru and Elari, each with particularities that give them differences at various points in the game. The differences between the factions can be a constraint during the clashes if they are not well balanced, it is something to bear in mind in our choice. Here the task is simple, eliminate enemy forces as we evolve our camp. The map also has important points to explore that will reward us with items if we manage to conquer them.

As you would expect, and given the series’ history, the most important thing is the management of the entire economy of our camp. Of course we have to annihilate the opposing team, but management has a great impact on our entire progression, we have to balance all resources well and maintain fluidity and balance to keep our camp healthy. It is at these points that it separates itself from the others, giving priority to management and economy, and that’s what won me over in the past, more than the combat options. I love challenges where we have to manage, and I hope this reboot be a throwback to the good old days of The Settlers.


The Settlers uses Ubisoft’s Snowdrop engine, which is used in many of their games. It’s visually appealing and mostly not very demanding in terms of hardware. It continues with its more cartoonish art, taking a step forward in terms of details, but keeping its classic traditional image. This is how it achieves fantastic performance, very well optimized even in its beta version. With stunning landscapes, detailed infrastructure and characters. A wide range of differentiated hardware will be guaranteed access to good performance.

The time I spent in the beta was very productive, I had a lot of fun. The basic principle of a video game, which is to be fun, is there, it remains now to know what awaits us in the final version. Personally, I want the campaign to bring that deep immersion in management, much praised in the series’ past. My curiosity is at high levels, to know if the producer followed the more casual path with a lightness in terms of resource management, which could alienate the community and especially the fans. I hope it is not a more comprehensive approach in order to facilitate access to the game for all types of players.

Obviously, we are dealing with a project with a somewhat conditioned ambition, at least that’s the feeling received. You can see that it’s not a AAA and it’s mainly trying to win back strategy lovers who don’t have many options in this current world of video games. It is always worth praising these bets, for less popular formats that may not have the necessary and expected return. I’m very curious to get my hands on the final version and try out the Campaign Mode, which has always been what has gripped me in past games. It doesn’t take long for the rebirth of this huge classic. Come him.

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