TikToker is dead, aged 28, after a fight with his boyfriend in the US, and the reason shocks fans

Rory Teasley, a tiktoker aka @too2pump4tv, passed away days ago at the age of 28. According to E! News, the influencer would have died after a fight with her boyfriend, Docquen Jovo Watkins – with whom she had been together for 10 years. The alleged reason would have been a fight over video games.

According to the sheriff of Oakland County, Michigan, Rory and Docquen got into an argument after playing “Overwatch” – a multiplayer action game. Watkins reportedly called 911 saying her boyfriend was “sleeping” on the couch after the fight. Officers arrived at the residence shortly before midnight to answer the domestic violence call, when they found Teasley unconscious and not breathing.

Tiktoker Rory Teasley Death1
Rory Teasley had over 200k followers on TikTok. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Rory was taken to the hospital, but he couldn’t resist and had his death declared afterwards. The Legal Medical Institute of the region confirmed to the publication that the cause of death of the tiktoker was suffocation and compression of the neck. That is, he was suffocated to death. The coroners also pointed out that he was the victim of murder.

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“Across the country, we see all too often these days when people resort to violence in trivial and insignificant disagreements… There is never a reason why violence is acceptable in a disagreement. Those who do this will have to be held accountable.”, said Sheriff Michael Bouchard.

Tiktoker Rory Teasley Morte2
Rory Teasley was reportedly strangled after the fight with her boyfriend. (Photo: Playback/Instagram)

Docquen was charged with manslaughter and arrested last Sunday (9). According to online records, Rory’s boyfriend is being held in custody at the Oakland County Jail without bail. The suspect must undergo a probable cause conference on the 18th, while the preliminary hearing of the case is scheduled for the 25th of January.

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With his dance and comedy videos, Rory gathered more than 220,000 followers on TikTok, a network in which he referred to himself as “everyone’s gay best friend”. NotoriousMoke, one of the influencer’s partners and friends, mourned the tragic death on his Instagram. “I’m too lost for words, I can’t stop crying. I love you lots. I just need one last video with you. One last call. One last ‘reading’ session. Rest in peace, gay best friend.”, he wrote.

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