Toyota Yaris 2023: pros and cons against VW Polo and Honda City – 01/14/2022

Toyota is ahead of schedule this year and has already put its cars on the 2023 lineup. After Corolla and Corolla Cross, it’s the Yaris family’s turn, which has undergone light but welcome changes to give the sedan and hatchback a boost on the market.

The fight is fierce within the category, and that’s why we made a comparison of what he and his rivals have to offer. We used the hatchback versions of all models, as in the case of Polo and Yaris they sell more than the sedan, which should also happen with the newcomer City.

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In terms of design, the Yaris has changed little. They are small changes such as the grille and bumper, which can go unnoticed by eyes that are not trained or do not know where the news is. At the rear, no changes.

The car is pleasing to the eye, but it is not at the most refined design level that Toyota has to offer, as is the case with its European “brother”, a different generation of the Yaris that has a more modern look. Inside, the car is the same and tries more to be functional than innovative and modernist.

The Polo has been on the market since 2014 and has yet to undergo a profound change (which has already arrived in Europe) here. The model especially fails in the internal finish with a lot of plastic, which doesn’t even try to disguise the lack of appreciation for the material.

On the outside, the car has personality in the top version, which gains some extra details such as 17″ wheels, which help to make it more imposing and sporty.

Honda bet on a very sporty style, but at the same time restrained for the City hatch. The car has sporty lines, as expected from hatchbacks, but nothing exaggerated.

Inside, the finish and ergonomics are the same as the sedan, so please. The car isn’t supreme in details or has a super luxurious finish, but it’s exactly what you’d expect for its price range.

Toyota Yaris 2023 - Disclosure - Disclosure
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In terms of general measures, the three are very similar. The Yaris is 4.14 meters long, 1.73 meters wide and 1.49 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.55 m. The trunk has 310 liters.

The Honda is 4.34 meters long, 1.74 meters wide and 1.49 meters high. Its wheelbase is the largest of the group, at 2.60 m, and the trunk capacity is 268 liters, the smallest of the trio.

The Polo is 4.06 meters long, 1.75 meters wide and 1.47 meters high. The wheelbase is 2.56 m, according to VW, and the trunk offers 300 liters.

Toyota Yaris 2023 - Disclosure - Disclosure
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The Yaris comes well equipped in the top version, but nothing surprising. It has seven airbags, traction and stability controls, Isofix, 7-inch multimedia center, digital air conditioning, reverse camera, sunroof and push-button start with a key in person.

The headlights are Full-LEDs, but the car still doesn’t offer obstacle sensors as standard or optional items. It won Toyota Safety Sense, which included Lane Departure Alert and Forward Collision Alert, but both without steering wheel correction and autonomous braking functions.

In the case of the Polo, there is a virtual and customizable dashboard, push-button start with a key-in-place, four airbags, traction and stability controls. The central is 10″ is the VW Play with applications already installed and connection without USB cable with Android Auto and Apple Carplay.

It has the rain and light sensors, which the Yaris lost in the line change, 17″ wheels (the Yaris are 15″), reverse camera, steering wheel with height and distance adjustment, but there are no LED headlights, no sunroof.

Honda offers the most interesting package. It has a semi-virtual panel, which allows you to customize half of the screen, while the speedometer has been kept analog. But the Honda Sensing package is on par with that found in the Civic.

It features lane departure alert with steering wheel correction, adaptive cruise control (ACC), autonomous emergency braking and Lane Watch, camera under the right exterior mirror that projects on the screen when pressed or when you turn right arrow. .

Honda’s multimedia center offers wireless connection, like VW’s, but not Toyota’s. The Honda hatch has six airbags, Full-LED headlights with daytime running lights using the same technology, remote starting and locking with a face-to-face key, among others.

Toyota Yaris 2023 - Disclosure - Disclosure
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The Yaris hatch has versions and prices of R$92,190 for the entry-level XL version, R$101,490 for the intermediate XS option and R$112,690 for the top option, the XLS. The range became leaner and lost intermediate versions in the 2023 line.

The Polo is the one with the biggest range and options. It has prices ranging from R$ 73,860 in the 1.0 MPI version, with the 1.0 three-cylinder, aspirated, to the Highline for R$ 112,890.

Halfway there is the MSI 1.6 for R$87,800 and the Comfortline 1.0 turbo for R$105,090. And there is a “point out of the curve” too that is the sporty version GTS with the 1.4 turboflex engine of 150 hp of 137,650.

The Honda City hatch has not yet gone on sale, but we already know that it will have two versions (the sedan has three), which will be the EXL and Touring – which in the sedan would be the intermediate and the top.

The hatch prices have not yet been announced, but taking into account the values ​​of the sedan in the equivalent versions, EXL at R$114,700 and R$123,100 by Touring, they should be around R$3,000 to R$4,000 less than it’s the difference between Polo and Virtus and Yaris and Yaris sedan too.

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engine and gearbox

The Yaris arrives at the 2023 line with a change in terms of engine, which is the loss of the 1.3 option in some versions. It was discontinued due to the new phase of Proconve, the L7.

So now only the 1.5 with up to 110 hp and 14.9 mkgf, with a CVT automatic transmission that simulates seven gears. The novelty is to offer the Eco and Sport functions, to save a little more or to accentuate the responses. The Yaris’s tank is 45 liters.

Its Japanese rival, the City, also has a 1.5-liter engine, but much more modern. With double variable valve timing and direct fuel injection, it delivers up to 126 hp and 15.8 mkgf. The transmission is also a CVT automatic that simulates seven speeds.

It also has an Eco function that “kills” the responses, but it doesn’t have a Sport button, a function on the gearbox that raises the engine speed and makes better use of each gear. City has the smallest tank of the trio at 39.5 litres.

The Polo is the only turbo in the group. The model comes equipped in the most complete versions with the 1.0-litre three-cylinder turboflex, with direct injection that yields up to 128 hp and 20.4 mkgf.

The gearbox is a six-speed automatic, with the option of shifting through the butterflies behind the steering wheel and Sport function – which makes the response smarter and takes better advantage of the gears. The tank is the largest: 52 liters.

Toyota Yaris 2023 - Disclosure - Disclosure
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