Unimed patient care is 100% resumed | Oncomed-MT, 25 years in favor of life

Does Oncomed-MT serve Unimed Cuiabá customers?

Yes. Oncomed-MT serves clients from Unimed Cuiabá, Unimed from the interior of Mato Grosso and from other states in the country (exchange patients).

Are all Oncomed-MT oncology services available to Unimed patients?

Yes. All users who purchased their Unimed plan until 07.31.2021 can have access to all services provided by Oncomed-MT, including chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

Why were Oncomed-MT chemotherapy and radiotherapy not 100% available for Unimed patients in 2021?

Because Unimed discredited these services from Oncomed-MT. In a first court decision against the de-accreditation, radiotherapy services and care for patients undergoing treatment were re-established.

Now, a second court decision has fully restored all services for Unimed customers who purchased the plan until July 31, 2021 (date of de-accreditation), regardless of whether they had previously started treatment at Oncomed.

Important: Service to all people who purchased Unimed plan until July 31, 2021 is fully normalized at Oncomed-MT.

I am a cancer patient with a Unimed plan and I want to speak directly with Oncomed-MT. How should I proceed?

Oncomed-MT opened an exclusive dialogue channel for Unimed health plan patients for clarification. The phone number is (65) 98408-0342, open from Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.

Oncomed-MT remains available to welcome cancer patients, dedicating itself to taking care of everyone’s health, in favor of life.

Oncomed informs — Photo: Reproduction

Responsible Technical Director: Marcelo Benedito Mansur Bumlai – CRM-MT: 2663

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