Unimed Ribeirão Tip – Janeiro Branco and the necessary look for mental health

We started the year talking about taking care of the health of the body and why not take the opportunity to look at our mental health? The White January campaign was designed with this objective in mind, to take advantage of the moment of reflection and planning at the beginning of the year to discuss the importance of mental health and caring for emotions.

Why White January?

It is in the first month of the year that we are more likely to rethink habits, make important decisions, review relationships, among other things. It is as if we were a blank sheet or canvas, motivated and inspired to write or rewrite our own lives. Hence the term White January.

And how can we do this in practice?

The campaign defends that everyone has the right to mental health, hence the importance of promoting, in this first month of the year, lectures, interventions and psychoeducation, providing information for everyone and mobilizing professionals in the area to contribute to the cause.

Mental health: all care is not little!

Campaigns are important because they mobilize, raise awareness, change perspectives and fight taboos, like this one on mental health. Furthermore, through annual and global actions we can inspire authorities and really change the world.

And in Brazil, how is it?

Lectures, workshops, courses, workshops, media interviews, walks, conversation circles and even an approach on the subject in places where people meet, such as squares, churches, companies, gyms, etc.

Stay on top of the topic on social media and participate!

Source: https://janeirobranco.com.br

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