Veto to Renan Lodi in the selection was guided by doctors and a message from Tite – 01/14/2022

Tite’s explanation for not having summoned left-back Renan Lodi to the Brazilian national team stirred up the sports news yesterday (13). According to the coach, the Atletico Madrid player “was excluded from the possibility of being called up due to his non-vaccination.” The theme has already been moving behind the scenes at the CBF in recent days and should have consequences in the future, such as the proposal of a full veto to players who are not immunized against covid-19 both in the selection and in national tournaments.

According to the UOL Esporte, the CBF medical committee was responsible for guiding the technical committee so that Renan Lodi was not called up for the games against Ecuador and Paraguay, on the 27th and 1st, for the Qualifiers. The player informed the doctor Andréia Picanço and the coordinator of the selection Juninho Paulista that he had taken the first dose of the vaccine only on Monday (10). What followed was an internal discussion on the matter that soon reached Tite’s ears.

Without the complete vaccination, Renan Lodi would not be able to enter Ecuador — the country that hosts the departure on the 27th only accepts fully immunized visitors. Thinking about the second game, which will be in Belo Horizonte, the player would have to comply with quarantine in Brazil, according to an Anvisa December rule for international travelers. Thus, participation in the games would be unfeasible.

It is a circumstantial case, but the internal debates at the CBF were already surrounding the creation of a health passport, even if it still did not have this name, definition or rules. The idea even goes further: it is that all the players involved in the tournaments organized by the entity have to be fully vaccinated to enter the field. The measure would be applied in the selection by consequence.

Tite supports this context of initiatives and took advantage of the press conference of the last call to reinforce his position on vaccines. In one of the statements, he placed the issue of “social responsibility” for immunization ahead of the health rule of Ecuador, hierarchically. It’s a message from the coach, who also said yesterday that “maybe fighting the good fight is also our obligation” within the selection.

I particularly understand, I load up to a bottom [do Zé Gotinha], that vaccination is a social responsibility. It’s mine and the person next to it. I bring responsibility for myself and my family, myself and the people I have responsibility for, myself and my grandchildren. Me and my parents. I don’t have them, but I wish I had the opportunity to protect them. I see a social responsibility. The second aspect is respecting the part of the health authorities of each country.”

Although assistant coach César Sampaio said in the same interview that in the selection “we do not force any athlete to be vaccinated”, the tendency is that the health passport will be a rule soon. heard by UOL, the president of the CBF medical committee Jorge Pagura reinforces the idea:

“We do not force anyone to be vaccinated. But institutionally, the CBF honors the collective. If it is not vaccinated and the entire collective is vaccinated, it is not fair. The vaccine protects against serious factors. We do not oblige anyone, but it is a rule that the we have: not to put those who are fully vaccinated with those who are not”, says the doctor, before adding:

No one is obliged to take a vaccine, but we are not obliged to summon either.

Renan Lodi - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Renan Lodi has 19 calls-up for games and 15 matches on the left side of the Brazilian team

Image: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

November call

One of the topics that raised debate about the left-back was his call-up to the national team in November last year. Even without being vaccinated — at that time, he had not even taken the first dose —, Lodi normally served the Brazilian team in the games against Colombia and Argentina.

It is a fact that could weaken the idea that the immunization of its players is an ideological or philosophical decision of the CBF, but Jorge Pagura counters on two points. “It was something else. If you look at the November charts, it was down there [o índice de positivados]. On December 1st, the positivity index was down. Not now. We have to avoid the presence of [variante] omicron and avoid serious cases.”

Tite - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF - Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

Tite, yesterday (13): “Lodi lost the possibility of running due to not having been vaccinated”

Image: Lucas Figueiredo/CBF

The left-back’s staff was sought by the UOL, but has not yet commented on the statements made by Tite, Juninho Paulista and Jorge Pagura. Lodi contracted Covid-19 in May 2020 and has recovered well. Yesterday (13), he came off the bench and played 50 minutes in the elimination of Atletico Madrid against Athletic Bilbao, in the semifinal of the Spanish Super Cup. It was his 100th match for the Spanish club.

The game was in Saudi Arabia. The country requires full vaccination for visitors to enter, but according to the international press, it relaxed the measures on the occasion of the tournament. The Atletico Madrid delegation landed there on Wednesday, two days after the date on which Renan Lodi was vaccinated with the first dose, according to CBF.

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