VIDEO: woman screams and curses cafeteria attendants in DF; ‘I felt very humiliated’, says employee | Federal District

Employees of a McDonald’s cafeteria on block 507 North, in Brasília, were verbally assaulted by a customer last Tuesday night (11). A driver filmed the moment when the woman shouted: “Garbage. Your service is rotten. Your service is crap” (watch above).

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A 21-year-old attendant, who prefers not to be identified, told g1 that the woman started the car and even cursed the manager with “illiterate” and “horse”. The aggression allegedly occurred because they did not know the composition of the sauce in a sandwich.

“It’s my first formal job. I felt very humiliated and cried a lot. I was doing my best, I spent the whole day on my feet until the night came and she did it. I want justice. We deserve respect and she has no right to do what he did with no one”, highlights the employee.

This Thursday (13), the worker registered a report at the 5th Police Station, in Asa Norte. In a statement, McDonald’s reported that “the company is committed to promoting an environment of respect and is against any type of violence in its restaurants.”

“The Hadco franchisee, owner of the establishment where the incident took place, is investigating what happened and will adopt any appropriate measures,” the company said.

Woman screams and curses cafeteria attendants in DF — Photo: Personal archive

Verbal assaults took place around 11pm. “This client asked what was the composition of the sandwich sauce and I said: ‘Ma’am, I won’t be able to answer that. Then she got annoyed with it,'” he says.

The expectation of the attendant is that the Civil Police will be able to identify the author of the cursing and she will answer for the aggressions. The worker’s lawyer, Luiz Antonio Calháo, awaits the police investigations that must be carried out by the 2nd DP (Asa Norte), area of ​​the occurrence.

“We registered a police report so that steps can be taken to identify who committed the offenses and take the appropriate actions as soon as we know her identity”, he explains.

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