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The financial market saw the acquisition of Ideal by the Itau bank, announced this Thursday (13). THE broker created in 2019, it is one of the leaders in volumes traded in the B3 markets, whose technology can enhance the services already offered by Itaú and strengthen the company in the self-employed market, according to experts.

This is the company’s first move in the sector since, in October 2021, it announced the end of its marriage with XP Investimentos, a brokerage firm in which he owned 49.9% of the capital.

For Leo Monteiro, Research analyst at Ativa Investimentos, the acquisition of Ideal is good news, which will position Itaú as an important player in the self-employed market alongside XP itself and BTG Pactual. “The self-employed agents market is, in a way, recent in this brokerage market and I think it has growth potential. The deal will allow for the acceleration of Itaú’s entry into the sector and the improvement in the distribution of investment products to individual customers”, he explains.

For Monteiro, 100% digital technology and cloud based of Ideal should be incorporated into several segments of Itaú – such as iti, íon and Itaú Corretora – to attract individual investors, supporting a technological investment that has already been made since the entry of Milton Maluhy Filho, who assumed the position of CEO in February 2021. “This should bring cost and revenue efficiencies because Itaú is certainly able to leverage Ideal’s transaction volume,” he says.

Ideal’s cloud-based technology will strengthen Itaú Unibanco’s offer in the investment market, allowing the expansion of the offer of products and services to customers, reinforce Guide Investimentos and Credit Suisse in a report released today.

“The investment in Ideal reinforces Itaú Unibanco’s commitment to its customers in the search for solutions in a rapidly expanding market, allowing them to expand the offer of products and services in the most convenient channels for each customer profile”, says the analyst in the report. Rodrigo Crespi, from Guide.

In the view of Jansen Costa, founding partner of Fatorial Investimentos, another advantage that the bank can have after the merger is in market maker operations – when the client buys and sells an asset on the same day, providing liquidity to the securities and the market. . “The bank will be the counterparty to the customers’ operations, which will generate more results for Itaú itself. This will lead to a concentration of liquidity for the bank with institutional investors, in addition to opening space for new clients”, he explains.

Costa also highlights the importance that the acquisition of Ideal can have in the long term: for the specialist, if B3 ceases to be the only stock exchange in Brazil, the liquidity coming from the market makers will make a difference, guaranteeing a good result for Itaú.

Itaú shares (ITUB4) remained high throughout this Thursday (13) and closed the trading session with an appreciation of 1.85%. But, for Vitor Miziara, a partner at Criteria Investimentos, the appreciation is only related to the good performance of the banking sector on the day. In the specialist’s view, the acquisition of Ideal is a more important signal for the company’s future results.

“The revenue that the acquisition will generate today is small, it is nothing that will change Itaú’s results. More important is the signaling that the bank is still going to invest in this market of retail investors, which will take advantage of the growth that should happen to the participants in the stock exchange in the coming years. The signal is much more positive than the financial result of this acquisition now”, explains Miziara.

The business

The purchase, which totals R$ 651.3 million, will be carried out in two stages. In the agreement announced today, Itaú will acquire 50.1% of Ideal’s capital stock, with the right to purchase the remaining 49.9% after a period of five years.

In a statement, Itaú and Ideal stated that the brokerage firm’s business will continue to be independent, with CEO Nilson Monteiro leading the operations.

“The company will play an important role in consolidating Itaú Unibanco’s investment ecosystem and maintaining our market leadership. Through Ideal’s platform, we see the possibility of expanding the offer of investment products by Itaú Unibanco within the B2B and B2B2C models”, explains Carlos Constantini, director who heads Itaú’s Wealth Management & Services (WMS) area.

The president of Itaú, Milton Maluhy Filho, highlighted the importance of the acquisition to expand the offer of services to customers. “In practice, customers from different segments of the bank, such as iti, ion or even Itaú Corretora, will be able to have access to the same products on the platforms they prefer”, he adds.

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